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My Universe – Green Adventure – Farmers Friends Review

My Universe – Green Adventure – Farmers Friends

Release: June 30, 2022
Publisher: Microids
Developer: Smart Tale
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8.0 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
7.0 - Audio

The latest entry in the My Universe games – best known I think for being well-crafted family friendly games that are easy enough to play for nongamers and young kids – have moved on to what I think is their greatest one to date with Green Adventure – Farmers Friends.

Despite the complicated naming convention, the idea is pretty simple. The old tried and true story of you getting a run-down farm and bringing it back to glory—this time with a bit of eco-friendly thrown into the mix, which was fun to see.


You start at the old run-down farm with ruined fields, fences, and all that stuff. You are given a basic set of tools and some seeds to get started. Chop food and stone to help fix items around the farm. Then grow your crops to harvest and sell at the local shop if you have extras or fulfill orders (which pay much better) to get more money to purchase upgrades and more seeds. As you progress your farm you can build habitats to bring on farm animals that you play minigames with (in normal my universe fashion) to give you things such as eggs, milk, etc that you can also use to sell or fulfill orders. They are done in the manner of catching eggs with button presses, milking cows via a guitar hero-like mini-game, etc. They are all pretty easy to do, so great interaction for the little ones.

The goal is just to keep upgrading and enhancing your farm. As you keep going you can use worms to prep soil for you to be able to plant, you can make a compost area to make fertilizer to help crops grow better and fast, and irrigation systems on and on. You will continue to unlock different seeds you can use to expand your empire and eventually even make yogurt and jams.


It is heavily inspired by Stardew Valley by the way the whole farm aspect works, it is lighter on the story element and focuses on the gameplay loop. But it’s easy enough for anyone to follow what is needed each day and then what can you do to better your farm. Visuals are nice and run extremely smooth. Music is lowkey and relaxing. It’s a very chill game you play or watch your little ones play and help them when needed. Keep in mind this is a smaller experience and is not as long as things like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, but for a kids game it is done remarkably well that even I enjoyed my time.

Having reviewed many of these games in the series, I again cannot stress how supportive I am of these games as great examples to get your kids into gaming in a safe and well-operating manner. There isn’t a ton of games like this aimed toward the smaller crowd available and when you do find one, they are often not the best quality. But My Universe does it again with what has become my favorite one they’ve done yet.

Adam has also been messing around with the game so please check out his footage as well:




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