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de Blob Nintendo Switch review

de Blob Nintendo Switch

Release: June 26, 2018
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: Blue Tongue Entertainment
Genre: Action, Adventure, Platformer, Switch Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
10 - Audio

If you thought that Splatoon 2 was the only game on the Nintendo Switch where you paint the town red, well, you were wrong! de Blob came out for the Nintendo Switch recently. Its a game, much like Splatoon 2, thats all about painting. Though in de Blob, you are transforming black and white areas into color. Its a pretty cool effect. Is de Blob a good game though? Check out my review!

There is a story in de Blob but you really don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. The cutscenes in this game can be skipped and you don’t miss much. Its an alright story but the actual gameplay in de Blob is where the fun is at.


de Blob is an all-ages game, which basically means anyone of any age should be able to play it. Don’t let that fool you into thinking its an easy game though. de Blob can get a little hard at times.

One of the biggest challenges in de Blob is beating the game’s timer. Each level in the game’s story features a time limit. The player must paint as much as possible and grab timers to extend the time limit. The further into the game you get, the bigger the levels get and the harder it gets to beat the time limit. Yes, the time limit can be annoying at times, but adds some challenge to the game.

Other than the time limit though, de Blob presents the player with optional challenges in each level that can be taken on if you want the levels to be extra hard. If not, you can just paint the world and move on to the next area.

de Blob has three main modes: Story mode, Free Paint Mode, and a Party multiplayer mode. Each of these modes are good, but I definitely liked the story mode the best!

Control wise, de Blob plays very well. There are no motion controls or touch screen controls. I do think touch screen controls might have been good for portable mode, though its not a major loss. This game is really fun.

de Blob may sound like a pretty simple game, but the gameplay along with its wonderful graphics and perfect soundtrack combine to create a very enjoyable addition to the Nintendo Switch.


One of my favorite things about Nintendo’s games are that they are so bright and colorful. It seems like a lot of the games on other platforms are doom and gloom. Not so with most Nintendo games. And sometimes, third party developers will bring a game to a Nintendo system that is bright and colorful too.

de Blob isn’t a Nintendo game but if I didn’t know that, I would totally think it was. The games paint mechanic is like something out of Splatoon. And while this games graphics are not as good as Splatoon, they are still really great. The way the world is completely black and white and then, bam, paint is splashed all over the world to bring it back to life is magical.

While the character designs in this game could be a bit better, the environments and the use of paint in this game are perfect.

Meanwhile,  de Blob has a fantastic soundtrack. Whenever the player hits a building with color, music also springs to the foreground. de blob isn’t a rhythm game but sometimes it feels like it is! The sound in de Blob is top notch.

I’d also like to mention that de Blob makes use of the Nintendo Switch’s video capture feature. I love this because it allows me (and others) to show off how great this game’s graphics and soundtrack are. I know I’ve said it before, but I wish more games would use this feature!

Overall, de Blob is really fun game.


de Blob is an absolute blast. The game’s concept say seem simple or kiddy but I think anyone of any age could enjoy this game. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are very Nintendo-like, and the soundtrack is perfect. If you’re just looking for a fun game that you could also share with your kids (or vice versa. Or if you have no kids, still check it out), then look no further than de Blob!

A digital code was provided for this review. de Blob is now available for the Nintendo Switch!



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