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Wildfrost Review


Release: April 12, 2023
Publisher: Chucklefish
Developer: Deadpan Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Genres, Indie, Nintendo Switch Categories, Strategy, Switch Reviews


Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
8.0 - Audio

Wildfrost is card-based strategy action-adventure game. Its not at all what you expect it to be. Is it a good game though? Is it addictive? Here is our review of Wildfrost for the Nintendo Switch!

Wildfrost is addictive card combat game with a lot of strategy. There isn’t much of a story to it, though some neat world history is revealed through journal pages that contain cool illustrations. The gameplay is the core of what makes Wildfrost special.

In Wildfrost you move along randomly generated maps that take to you battles with cards. The cards contain your allies, weapons, and more. The enemies you are fighting are cards too. You must pick the right cards in order to beat each battle. Along the map you’ll also find more allies, that are frozen in ice, and treasure too. The treasure can be helpful in battle. The maps, as noted, are random and so what allies and treasure you get will be random too.


There is also a town that you can go to that gets upgraded whether you win battles or not. Bit by bit, you’ll unlock more of the town and that’ll help you with the battles. Be prepared to lose a lot. You’ll want to keep playing anyway because of the town upgrading and just how addictive the game is!

Not only that, but Wildfrost is perfect for the Switch’s portable mode. It had touch screen controls, which are a bit hit or miss in battle but pretty neat when you’re breaking ice with your finger to get new allies or touching treasure chests to open them. We recommend using the game’s analog controls for more precision in battles.

Wildfrost is a very addictive, challenging game that’ll keep you coming back for more. That said, its graphics are very simple, while still being nice to look at.


Wildfrost’s graphics do not push the Switch hardware at all. The town is a very static drawing and so is the world map. The only real animation is during battles and those just some basic, neat effects. Wildfrost is a nice looking game despite is simple nature though. All of the cards are well designed and the town is neat looking.

The game’s audio is actually a bit better than its visuals. The music is light and fun, while the sound effects are subtle and well done.

Overall, Wildfrost is a great game. It is very addictive and will absolutely challenge you and keep you even when you lose a lot. If you like strategy games, then you’ll want to check this one out. Its very different from the usual fair on Switch and its an excellent game to play in portable mode.

A digital code was provided for this review. Wildfrost is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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