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Penny Punching Princess Review

Penny Punching Princess

Release: April 3, 2018
Publisher: NIS America
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Genre: Action, Adventure, Switch Reviews


Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
8.0 - Video
8.0 - Audio

There are a lot of fighting games on the Nintendo Switch. There are not, however, many nor any other games that can claim that you can bribe an enemy to go away and/or come back to help you. Money isn’t usually used much in fighting games unless its to buy new equipment rpg style or unlock new stuff. So a game where you can bribe enemies, well, thats gotta be unique right? Enter Penny Punching Princess for the Nintendo Switch. Its a game all about fighting and bribing. Is it any good though?

Penny Punching Princess has a strange story all about capitalism in a fairy tale like kingdom. Some of the dialogue in this game is funny and some of it is just plain weird. Thankfully the dialogue can be skipped if you are not into it. What about Penny Punching Princess gameplay? Is this a fun game to play?


If you ever wished that you could bribe an enemy in a game to go away and then come back to help you some, then you’ve found the right game here. Penny Punching Princess has you beating up on enemies but you can also bribe them if you have the money. A bribe will make an enemy go away, though you can also call them back to help you out a limited number of times.

The bribing ability is not unlimited. The calculator that you use to bribe enemies has to recharge and you also have to have the right amount of money to bribe an enemy. All of the enemies and some objects like doors, healing circles, and other things can be bribed too! Penny Punching Princess is an odd game for sure.

It is also a really hard game. The enemies in this game will quickly get tougher and tougher. You can level up your characters ablities, HP, and such, but look out because Penny Punching Princess just keeps getting harder. The bribes in this game keep getting higher too.

And it should be noted that Penny Punching Princess can feel a little bit repetitive at times. The stages don’t have much variety to them, though new enemies and bribe prices do keep things interesting. Its also nice that this game has a good control scheme.

Penny Punching Princess controls are easy to learn. I think the game plays best in handheld mode because of the touch screen controls for the calculator. You will totally feel like you are using a calculator to figure out bribes for your enemies! Once you figure out the bribe, you touch on the enemy to bribe. The player can also touch the enemy when the word ‘break’ appears on the screen under said enemy to earn some extra cash. The controls just work really well on this game!

In the end, Penny Punching Princess is a fun game. I wouldn’t say that its the best fighting game on the Nintendo Switch, but its unique bribing system, some humor, and plenty of action makes it a game that Switch owners should check out. The game has cool retro-like graphics too!


Penny Punching Princess is a nice looking game. It has retro-like graphics for its gameplay and cutscene heads. I think the character designs in this game are really good, but I wish there was more variety in the environments that you visit. Penny Punching Princess is a good looking game despite the lack of variety though.

The music in the game is really nice. I think that the narration voice is a big standout of the sound. There is mostly no voice acting in this game, so the humorous narration makes you sit up and take notice of it. The sound effects in this game are also good.

Penny Punching Princess is fun overall and fighting game fans will love it.


Penny Punching Princess is a retroish 2D brawler taking places in pretty open areas. While there isn’t a lot of variety to those areas, the enemies and unique bribing system keep things fun. If you enjoy games where you get to smash stuff up and bribe your way out of tough situations, then this game for you!

Penny Punching Princess is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop.



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