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Midnight Deluxe Review

Midnight Deluxe

Release: March 8, 2018
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Petite Games
Genre: Indie, Other, Puzzle, Sport, Switch Reviews


Worth a Play About Rating
7.0 - Gameplay
7.0 - Video
7.0 - Audio

The following game is not 36 Fragments of Midnight, even though it does look like that game. Instead, Midnight Deluxe is like a game of golf. You must hit an object into a hole. Sounds simple right? Well, this game gets harder as you go. Is Midnight Deluxe a good game or not? Read my review to find out!


Midnight Deluxe has no story or setup. Instead, the player is thrown into a series of environments where they play an interesting take on golf.

And yes, Midnight Deluxe is basically golf but the unique level layouts, traps, and challenges makes this game more interesting than you’d think it would be. Don’t get me wrong: Midnight Deluxe is a very simple game. Its also a very addictive game.

Midnight Deluxe has two types of controls: analog and buttons and touch screen controls. Both controls work really well. The touch screen controls, especially, are very easy to learn and actually the game plays best with them most of the time. There were sometimes when I couldn’t get the touch screen to move the character though. I also wish you could use the touch screen controls to pause, restart, or quit the game. You’ll have to use the button controls for that. Otherwise, Midnight Deluxe’s controls are just as simple as the game.

If you are looking for a game that’ll help you kill time here and there, you could do worse than Midnight Deluxe. It is a simple game and yet the more you play it, the more you’ll likely find yourself addicted to it. And since the game saves after you beat a level, you can quit any time you want. This game is perfect for portable mode. The graphics are nice too, despite being like another game I’ve played.


When I first saw Midnight Deluxe, I got it confused with 36 Fragments of Midnight. The reason for this is that both games have the same graphics. Everything the enviorments to background characters to the obstables are straight from 36 Fragments of Midnight. This does seem lazy and yet the graphics work for this game and make it interesting visually. I’m sure something else could’ve have been done with the graphics to make it more unique, but as it is, Midnight Deluxe has a very neat look to it.

The music, meanwhile, is all piano based and not bad. It can get annoying sometimes, though you can just turn the sound down when it does. There are no sound effects in Midnight Deluxe.

Midnight Deluxe is a simple game but if you like golf, you’ll want to check this game out!


Midnight Deluxe is a very simple, yet addictive game. At moment, there are not too many golf games on the Nintendo Switch and this would definitly be a game for fans of that genre. Midnight Deluxe is a good game.

Thanks to Ratalaika Games for providing a review copy of this game. Midnight Deluxe is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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