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Hollow Review


Release: February 22, 2018
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Developer: MMEU
Genre: Action, Shooter, Switch Reviews


Rent it About Rating
6.0 - Gameplay
6.0 - Video
6.0 - Audio

There are not many first person shooters yet for the Nintendo Switch. The most popular and most well known game in this genre to come to Nintendo’s latest system is Doom. That was a really good port. And now another first person shooter is out for the Switch. The game is called Hollow. Is it as good as or better than Doom? Is it a first person shooter you should play? Read on to find out!

Hollow has a very creepy and mysterious story. Its kind of interesting but its not anything we haven’t seen before. Of course, with a first person shooter, the story isn’t as important as the gameplay. And sadly, Hollow just isn’t a good first person shooter.


I wanted to like Hollow’s gameplay. Everything you usually find in a first person shooter is in the game and Hollow has a creepy and mysterious air to it that I kind of liked. Right away though, I found a problem with the gameplay: you walk very slow in this game.

The walking in Hollow isn’t just slow paced, its turtle paced. Its hard to get anywhere in this game and the walking slows down even more if theres a piece of dialogue and/or an event. The walking in this game sucks the fun out of shooting enemies and finding out what the heck is going on. Instead, I just wanted to stop playing this game.

Other than the walking, the shooting controls and interacting with objects works how you’d expect. Hollow also has a manual save at computer screens. This is old school and some people will like it. I think I’m spoiled by automatic saves and being able to save whenever I want. Its not fun getting killed and then having to go back to where I last saved.

Hollow has no touch screen game or any of specific Switch features other than being able to play on the TV and in handheld mode. The game’s graphics look the sameĀ on both, but this game is no Doom. Not even close.


Hollow has good graphics, but very poor lightning, even when you have your flashlight on. I know the game is going for mood, however its hard to see where you are going in this game and its very easy to get lost because of this. Getting lost in Hollow isn’t fun. Hollow clearly wants to be as good looking as Doom but it isn’t.

As for the game’s music, it starts out feeling very intense. I started feeling tense and then after awhile, I just felt annoyed. I turned the music off for the most part because feeling tense because of the music got in the way of actually trying to have fun.

Hollow also has voice acting, though the sound quality for it is very poor. I couldn’t understand what the main character was even saying at the start of the game and the closed captions were so small on the TV screen that I couldn’t read what he was saying either. The voice acting doesn’t get much better after that…

And the sound effects in this game are pretty forgettable. Hollow, overall, isn’t the worst game on the Switch but with Doom on this system, I’m not sure why you’d want to play this game over that.


Hollow wants to be Doom, but its not anywhere near as good as that game. If you need to play a first person shooter on the Nintendo Switch, go play Doom and avoid this game. Hollow isn’t completely bad, however its got a lot of problems. Some future update may speed up the walking and possible framerate issues but as the game is now, I have a hard time recommending it. Just go play Doom.

Forever Entertainment provided a copy of this game for review. Hollow is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop.



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