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World to the West Review

World to the West

Release: January 18, 2018
Publisher: Rain Games
Developer: Rain Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Switch Reviews
PEGI: 10+


Perfect About Rating
10 - Gameplay
10 - Video
10 - Audio

I remember when World to the West was first announced. I thought the game looked really good then. As time went on, I admit I forgot about World to the West. There has been a lot of games coming to the Switch! Though, when the game was finally on the system, I was very interested in playing it. I was lucky enough to get a review code for this game. I won’t kid around with here. I do feel lucky to review this game. This is going to be a very glowing review of World to the West for Nintendo Switch.

I am huge fan of World to the West’s story. I like how the game starts out by having characters separate and then slowly bringing them together. The game can feel slow paced at times, but the gameplay is so varied and the things you do and places you go to are so varied that things stay very interesting. I like all the characters in this game. World to the West is just so much fun.


At first you may just think that World to the West is a Legend of Zelda style game. And while it does have some things in common with that franchise, it has so many unique and cool things in it that set the gameplay apart.

Each of the four characters that you control have their own powers. These characters play different from each other and really help you explore each area in a unique way. I do wish that you could change characters anytime you wanted to instead of just at Totom pole save points. You will be going through some areas twice (or more), which some people may not like but l love how well this game does that. Theres just so much to see and do in this game.

World to the West takes you around a big world map and keeps the puzzles interesting and the enemies unique. You will absolutely have to use your head on some of these puzzles. The game has some challenging boss battles too.

I’m also pleased to say that World to the West has excellent controls. It plays really well on the Nintendo Switch. It does not take advantage of motion controls or touch screen controls but I think that might have felt too gimmicky for this game. You could also say that multiplayer would have been nice for this game but then you’d to get into splitscreen gameplay and that would take a lot away the game’s amazing visuals. World to the West is a single player game and its pretty great one.


World to the West has really great graphics. I love how stylized this game is. Each character and each area you visit is cel-shaded and animated in a way that’ll make you think Wind Waker but also its a game that feels unique. I like the overhead Link to the Past camera, though its nice when the camera view changes for some important cutscenes. Rain Games did an excellent job of bringing World to the West to the Switch. The game looks great in handheld mode and on the TV, though as always I prefered the handheld mode. It was easier to read the game’s dialogue there.

As for World to the West’s music, its just delightful. This game constantly suprises me with the music in each area. The music really adds a lot to World to the West. You will definitly want to have your TV sound or handheld sound turned up! The game does have good sound effects too, but the music definitely outshines the effects. I have no issue with that.

World to the West is an excellent game for the Nintendo Switch.


I love to World to the West. This game is just so much fun, with wonderful visuals and amazing audio. World to the West is one of those game that you must play. Its so good. If you love Zelda, if you love action/adventure games, if you just love games, then I don’t see why you wouldn’t already be downloading World to the West. Ok, I have to go back and play it some now!

Thanks to Rain Games for providing a copy of this game for review. World to the West is currently available on the Nintendo eShop!



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