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Demolish and Build Classic Review

Demolish and Build Classic

Release: January 21, 2023
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Developer: Ultimate Games
Genre: Reviews, Switch Reviews


Substandard About Rating
4.0 - Gameplay
4.0 - Video
4.0 - Audio

Most kids start at a young age with a fascination with construction vehicles and demolition, right? Well, this game is basically that in a nutshell, break stuff buy new tools to break more stuff, buy more stuff to break bigger stuff. Simple formula really, should be easy enough to execute. Well….


Demolish and Build has you take charge of your own Demo company, you start off with minimal tools and equipment picking up odds jobs to earn more cash to buy stuff to tackle bigger projects. Simulation games are pretty popular right now and with games out there like House Flipper and Power washing Simulator doing good things I expected this to be pretty fun. This game is a port from the PC years ago and should be an easy adaptation to the Nintendo Switch. Well, much like we see all of the time unfortunately on the Switch, ports can be a touchy subject.


The performance on this game here is really, really rough. Almost to the point of I am wondering why they released it in its current state. Really poor framerate drops, tons of pop-in, bad texturing you name it and it happens here. Driving controls are frustrating and hard to control and complete your objectives, I was even able to get stuck multiple times in places that required me to hoof it to the nearest place I could respawn them. The text is small and hard to read and unfortunately, the controls aren’t really adapted well from the mouse and keyboard to the Nintendo Switch. Ultimately what should have been a light-hearted fun experience, I wasn’t able to get any joy out of this one. I would recommend passing on this one.



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