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Vesta Review


Release: January 19, 2018
Publisher: FinalBoss Games
Developer: FinalBoss Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Puzzle, Switch Reviews


Worth a Play About Rating
7.0 - Gameplay
8.0 - Video
7.0 - Audio

A little girl may be the last human alive in the world or at least in her part of the world. She has a robot MOM and soon gets a robot helper. She’ll have to solve puzzles in order to get of this place, but what awaits her? Welcome to the world of VESTA, an adventure puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch. The concept is pretty interesting¬†right? How is the actual game though? Lets find out!

VESTA has an¬†alright story. The characters are ok, with the overall storyline being a bit more interesting. You’ll want to know what exactly is going on. However, VESTA places a lot more importance on its gameplay. So how is VESTA’s gameplay? Is this fun game?


The focus of VESTA is solving puzzles using both the girl and the robot characters. The player switches between the two characters in order to get through each area. Sometimes the puzzles are very good, while other times they seem bit cumbersome. VESTA is a very slow game and you really have to be in an adventure/puzzle game mindset to get into it.

Don’t get me wrong: VESTA can be a fun game. I think its a game better played in small doses rather than in longer player sessions. Some of the puzzles can get a bit repetitive. There isn’t a lot of variety in enemies or challenges. The game does have an automatic save so you can easily complete a level and stop whenever you want. There are midpoint check points for the tougher levels and they help a lot with those challenges.

VESTA does have good controls and its easy to switch between your two characters. The game does not use touch screen controls nor does it use motion controls. The biggest thing that VESTA misses out on is a split joy-con two-player mode though. VESTA seems perfect for this, but the game is only a single player game.

I would say that VESTA is a good game, especially in small doses, but its not a great game. The puzzles can get repetitive at times, the game doesn’t take advantage of the Switch very well, and no two-player mode is a major missed opportunity. VESTA does, however, have very good graphics!


VESTA has very nice, three dimensional graphics. The game’s camera is overhead and so the player has a very fixed but still wonderful viewpoint of the game. Some of the game’s cutscenes are in the 3D graphics too and they look good. VESTA also has comic book style cutscenes done in a slightly animated style. These are pretty neat too! Overall, I like VESTA’s graphics. Its not the best looking game on the Nintendo Switch, but it is a very good looking one. It looks good on the TV and in handheld mode.

The game’s audio is good but nothing spectacular. The music in the game is pretty subtle and the sound effects are not bad. VESTA, overall, is a good game, though I can’t help thinking that it could have been better.


VESTA is a good game that definitely could have been even better. I think the lack of a two-player mode is major missed oppunitty. With two-players, I think this game would’ve been a lot more fun. As it is, if you are looking for a good adventure puzzle game to play in small doses, then you may find VESTA interesting.



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