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Last Day of June Review

Last Day of June

Release: March 16, 2018
Publisher: Ovosonico
Developer: Ovosonico
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Nintendo Switch Categories, Puzzle, Switch Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

What if you lost someone you loved…and then you were given the chance to save them through time travel? Would you do it? How would you save the person you love? This is the premise of Last Day of June for the Nintendo Switch. In this game, you repeat a lot of the same events over and over in order to try and save the main character’s loved one. Is this a good game? Here’s my review of Last Day of June!

Last Day of June’s story is the best thing about the game. As an adventure/puzzle game, Last Day leans on its story more than anything else. If you like this game’s story, then you’ll want to finish the game. The ending to this story wasn’t what I hoped it would be but it was very fitting. I do wish the game had some dialogue, though it is amazing that the story was pulled off so well without it. Last Day of June is worth playing for its story alone. What about its gameplay though? Is Last Day of June fun to play?


The gameplay in Last Day of June is very Adventure/puzzle focused. The game starts out very easy and then gets harder as you go. Last Day of June tells you which buttons to push to execute an action, however it does not give you any hints as to how to solve puzzles in the game. I had to use a youtube video walkthrough for some of the later more complex puzzles.

I do think that the game got a little repetitive at times, although its nice that the game speeds through events that you’ve seen before. Its too bad you can’t just skip them altogether.

The controls in Last Day of June are pretty easy. The analog stick works great for moving characters around and since the game directs you as to what button to push for action, there’s never any second guessing about which button to push.

Unfortunately, Last Day of June does not have any touch screen controls in handheld mode. This game would have been perfect for that! Last Day of June doesn’t have Nintendo Switch specific controls at all. The game runs great on the system though.

Last Day of June is a great game. Its story, more than anything else, will keep you playing, but some of the puzzles to be found in the game are interesting too. The game also has wonderful graphics!


Last Day of June looks looks similar to a Pixar animated movie (UP) or short. The animation in this game is really good in both cutscenes and during gameplay. I did think that, lighting wise, things were a little too bright at the beginning of the game, but the lightning got better as the game went. I also thought that the characters having no eyes or mouth was a bit strange but overall, I love this game’s graphics. It looks great on both the TV screen and the handheld screen.

The music in Last Day of June is fantastic. The music in this game always fit whatever the scene and was never annoying. I do wish, however, that the Last Day of June had voice acting. This game does not feature a bit dialogue between characters either written or spoken. The emotion of the characters is played through facial expressions and noises that the characters make. And while the game does a great job of telling its story without dialogue, I did miss it and wished it was there. The sound effects in the game are good, though not as good as the music.

Overall, Last Day of June is an excellent game.


Last Day in June’s story is very well told and there are a lot of interesting puzzles and situations that the player gets into. There is a bit of repetition to the game, but it doesn’t stop this game from being a must play for adventure/puzzle fans. Last Day of June is excellent and well worth playing.

Last Day of June is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop.



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