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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Review

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters

Release: April 19, 2023
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Genre: Adventure, Genres, Nintendo Switch Categories, Retro, Role-playing, Switch Reviews, Turn-Based, Video


Excellent About Rating
9.5 - Gameplay
9.5 - Video
9.5 - Audio

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters have made their way to Nintendo Switch! These classic Final Fantasy games came be bought as a bundle or the games can be bought individually. We are reviewing the Pixel Remasters as a bundle though. What do we think of these classic games on the Switch? Here is our review of Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters for the Nintendo Switch!

Final Fantasy 1-6 have been released a lot of times over the years. The stories always remain the same, for the most part, and that holds true with the Pixel Remasters. If you’ve never played these games before, you are absolutely in for a treat. Final Fantasy 4 and 6 have the best stories, however the other games will surprise you by how good they are. Square knew how to tell a story right from the start; they got better at it with each game.


The same could be said for the gameplay. With the Pixel Remasters, we get to see the evolution of the job system which reaches its highest point in this bundle with Final Fantasy 5. We also see the evolution of the classic turn-based combat, which has its best moment with Final Fantasy 6. Just like with the stories and the characters, those who have never played these games before are going to be blown away. Of course, if you have played these games before, you’ll be very happy with what you find in these Remasters.

While the stories and the gameplay remain the same, there is a new feature, Boost, introduced in the Pixel Remasters that’ll either make the games easier or harder depending on your play style. The boost feature lets you turn random encounters on and off, increase or decrease experience earned in battles, increase or decrease money earned, and sometimes more. Its a great new feature and a fun way to revisit these games. It should be noted that there are some games that have random battles that you can’t turn off. Though, the feature is very handy for the most part.


The biggest change to Final Fantasy 1-6 are the graphics. While they still do look like older games, each one of them has gotten a glow up. If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy 1-3, you know these are a pretty big improvement over the originals. There’s actual backgrounds behind the characters and each character in far more detailed looking. Of course Final Fantasy 4-6 still look the best. Those games have always looked great, especially Final Fantasy 6 and that holds true with these Remasters. The Pixel Remasters are absolutely the best the classic version of these games have ever looked.

The music has also been improved a lot! The new arranged soundtracks are amazing. You can listen to the original music if you want to. Its nice that you can switch between soundtracks. We recommend the new music. And we also recommend that you get this bundle, because its absolutely worth downloading for the Nintendo Switch.


The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters is a fantastic bundle. If you want to buy the games individually, you can do that. We think the bundle is well worth buying though. You get six Final Fantasy games that look better than ever, with new features that can make the games easier or harder and fantastic new music. We love these games and will continue to play them on our Nintendo Switch for a long time.

Thank you to Square Enix for providing a review code for these games. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are now available on the Nintendo Switch.



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