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12 Deals Of Christmas #4


The latest update to the 12 Deals Of Christmas has been announced today and things are most definitely looking up. Deal 4 brings with it a couple great deals for both PS3 and PSV. Deal 3 had F1 2014 and MGS HD on offer which didn’t quite please many gamers however this new deal hits the spot pretty nicely.




Need For Speed: Rivals (PS3)

Yet another racer (that’s two in a row), but at least it’s one we actually want. Need For Speed Rivals puts you behind the wheel of either a cop or a racer. Put your foot down and escape the police across a massive open world known as Redwood County or be the long arm of the law and chase down and use the PIT maneuver on escaping felons.

Multiplayer is back of course and boosts a seamless integration between single player and multiplayer. With the press of a button you’ll be placed straight into an online game ready to take on.. your Rivals.


Need For Speed: Rivals
Release Date: Nov 22nd 2013
Developer: EA
Metascore: 82
Was €69.99/AU$99.95/£59.99
Now €29.99/AU$24.95/£19.99



Rayman Legends (Vita)

Vita owners have not been forgotten for Deal 4 either with the announcement that Rayman Legends has been heavily discounted. 

The addictive and highly enjoyable Rayman Legends on the Vita may be lacking some content from it’s PS3 counterpart but for just €15 it’s difficult to pass it up.

Rayman Legends is a platformer like no other. The Vita’s gorgeous OLED screen really does the game a lot of favours and the addictive and fun platforming on offer is some of the best in its genre. The nonsensical story won’t leave you wanting more, but the music levels probably will. Racing through a level to the beat of Black Betty is very enjoyable indeed.

 [Author Edit]
My apologies. The missing Invasion levels from the console version has since been patched into the Vita version for free.

Rayman Legends
Release Date: Sep 3rd 2013
Developer: Ubisoft
Metascore: 87
Was €29.99/AU$51.95/£28.49
Now €14.99/AU$21.95/£11.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members



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