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SteelSeries Prepares For Next-Gen With The Arctis 7P & 7X

SteelSeries Prepares For Next-Gen With The Arctis 7P & 7X

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As the world awaits the release of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S, SteelSeries is already getting ahead of the game with the release of the Arctis 7P & 7X headsets, designed to work seamlessly with the next-gen consoles. While the 7X is designed to work specifically with Xbox consoles and the 7P with PlayStation consoles, both are still compatible with PC, Android and the Nintendo Switch.


The USB-C dongle allows for a seamless transition between Console, PC, Android device and Nintendo Switch. Both the Arctis 7P & 7X also include a USB-C to USB-A adapter, meaning it will even work with devices that do not use USB-C. Also equipped with 24-hour battery life, the Arctis 7P & 7X are extremely versatile and mobile headsets. Utilizing the same high-quality speaker drivers from the original Arctis 7, the 7X & 7P emphasize subtle sounds, giving you an audio advantage in your favourite games!

SteelSeries has always excelled at creating headsets that fit comfortably on your head, even though they don’t technically come with adjustable arms. Instead, the ‘ski googles’ head strap allows you to position the headset comfortably on your head, while the metal bar around the top provides the headset with some much-needed structure. As with all SteelSeries products, it offers superb comfort and is easily still atop the headset table in this regard.

blank  Audio controls are nicely spread out around your headset device. The mic mute, 3.5mm jack, Micro-USB charging port (not our favourite, why no USB-C?), and volume dial are on the left cup, while the right cup has the dial for changing audio channels, as well as the power button.

For audio balancing options, the Arctis 7X features a ChatMix dial, allowing you to find your perfect balance between game sound and voice chat. The Arctis 7P has a dedicated sidetone control in place of this, enabling you to monitor your own voice through you headset, making for much more natural conversation. Both models feature the now-standard master volume and mic muting controls. All of these great audio controls are within reach on the ear cups, and making tweaks and changes is never an issue.


The headsets also provide a pass through option to another compatible headset, which means when I play games late at night with my wife, we can each use a set of Arctis 7s, have a cable connecting the two, and both enjoying a superb audio experience.

What’s great about these headsets from SteelSeries is how accessible they are. Although we don’t understand why there are two options, outside of appealing directly to Xbox and PlayStation fans, regardless of which you choose to pick up, they will work with almost everything you own, either via the wireless USB-C adapter (with added cord as noted above for USB-A) or through the 3.5 auxiliary cable included in the box, which will allow you to use these headsets on your phone, or other audio jack enabled devices.

Bottom of the Arctis 7P headset showing the lower controls and the extended microphone

While we rarely recommend folks use their gaming headsets as every day headsets when traveling around town, but SteelSeries has perfect a very subtle look with these particular headsets, so taking them out and about isn’t that odd as it would be with other, flashier headsets. To that end, if you are looking for something super flashy, this isn’t it.


The Arctis 7P & 7X sport some of the only Discord-certified mics on the market. The retractable, bidirectional ClearCast microphones use the same design as microphones used by aircraft carrier deck crews, allowing for superior noise cancellation and projecting your voice in a clear and natural way. Upgrade your next-gen readiness with the SteelSeries Arctis 7P & 7X, the perfect headsets to match with your gaming experience, no matter which console you decide to play on!


Ultimately, it’s easy to recommend the SteelSeries Arctis 7P and 7X devices, although we give a slight nod to the 7X over the 7P. For whatever reason, Xbox requires special connectivity between headsets and the console, which obviously is included with the 7x but not available in the 7P. If you purchase the 7P, you’ll never be able to use it as intended on any of the Xbox family of consoles. If you purchase the 7X, however, it will be compatible with PlayStation devices.

It’s a very minor difference, but if you plan to go all out next generation, or are a multi-console gamer now, the 7X is the easy decision.