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More Thoughts From Me #192: NIS America Rocks The Switch Dood!

NIS America has been a great supporter of the Nintendo Switch. They’ve been bringing so many games to the console! In fact, this month alone is chalk full of NIS America published games. Whew. So what is already on the Switch from NIS America, what are they bringing this month, and what would I like to see them bring over? Time to talk about NIS America dood!


Disgaea 1 and 5 are already on the Nintendo Switch. Disgaea 4 will be joining them this month. I wonder if NIS America is planning to bring all the Disgaea games to the Nintendo Switch. I’d love to see that dood!

But the Nintendo Switch isn’t just a Disgaea machine to NIS. I’ve reviewed a few of the other games they brought to the system, such as Penny Punching Princess, The Lost Child, and Happy Birthdays which I especially loved. And they just recently brought Alliance Alive HD to the system too.

NIS America is bringing ever more games to the Switch this month though! Destiny Connect is out today and the aformentioned Diseaga 4 is also coming to the Switch in October. I’m sure they have even more plans for the Nintendo Switch…but what?!

One of my favorite games on the 3DS is Radiant Historia. Just like Alliance Alive, Radiant Historia was published by Atlus on the 3DS. I’d love to see NIS America pick Radiant Historia up and give it the HD treatment for the Nintendo Switch. It would be amazing to play the game on TV and in handheld mode.

I also would love to see a spinoff of Disgaea with the prinny’s in a life sim. Basically, it could be a parody of Animal Crossing, expect with all prinny’s everywhere. Too crazy? I think not!

I’d like to see NIS America publish a puzzle game or two also. I bet they’d bring some pretty weird (and fun) puzzlers to the eshop!

Here’s hoping that NIS America will bring even more jrpgs and other unique games to the Nintendo Switch. I love this publisher dood!

What is your favorite NIS America game on the Nintendo Switch? What else do you hope they bring to the system?

Next week: Halloween themed column! What spooky games am I playing this year??

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