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Jack Move

Do you like turn-based rpgs? What about indie turn-based indies like Cosmic Star Heroine? If you said yes, then we have another turn-based rpg for you to check out! Here our review of Jack Move for the Xbox Series S!


Jack Move is a turn-based rpg that’s set in a sci-fi noir Blade Runner-like world. You play as Noa, a hacker who ends up going up against a massive corporation. The game’s story is very interesting and its dialogue, especially, is excellent. The game plays with some of the same themes found in Blade Runner and the Matrix. Graphics wise, you can tell Jack Move was very inspired Blade Runner. The 2D style has plenty of neon, flying cars, and a used up, lived in quality that’s found in the aforementioned movie.

As for the gameplay, Jack Move features plenty of exploration: finding items, talking to people, and taking on quests. It has pretty good controls, although sometimes when you are walking along it feels like you could get stuck on some of the background items that hang about in areas. In fact, one time we did get stuck! This issue doesn’t ruin Jack Move though. The story is just too good and the combat is especially fun.

The turn-based combat system in Jack Move features commands related to hacking. You hack to attack, execute to use moves like healing and more. And of course there’s the Jack Moves which are special moves that you build up to via a meter. These use timed directional moves to active them and are not too hard to pull off. The battles move quickly.

Jack Move has random battles but you can adjust them to be balanced, less, more, or none at all. That’s a pretty good option! We enjoyed being able to freely explore some areas without random battles and even turn the battles on when near a healing station in order to level up safely. Its also wonderful that you can save anywhere in this game. Jack Move has a neat upgrade system too: your character is like a piece of software that gets new software and hardware installed! The game is so well done and rpg fans will love it.


Overall, Jack Move is a really fun game that will remind players of old PS1 rpgs and more recent indie rpgs like Cosmic Star Heroine. Its minor exploration issue does hold it back a little, but not enough to ruin the game. The story and combat are just so good. If you’re a turn-based rpg fan, you won’t want to miss Jack Move!

Jack Move gets an 8.5 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. Jack Move is out now for the Xbox Series S!


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