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The Last Of Us Sales Surpass 3.4 Million Worldwide

The LAst of us sales

Sony have today announced that The Last of Us sales have surpassed 3.4 million, both physical and digital. This is a pretty fantastic achievement for Naughty Dog and for Sony, who put a lot of marketing into a new IP at the tail end of a generation. The Last of Us was critically acclaimed, and it seems like it might just end up as a commercial success as well.

The Last of Us follows the adventure of Joel as he escorts teenager Ellie across the US after a viral outbreak destroyed civilisation as we know it. The world became a wasteland of sorts, with zombie-like creatures attacking camps on people. 

Fans of the game will definitely be happy about these newly released Last of Us sales numbers, but probably not as happy as Sony are. If there wasn’t going to be a sequel before, there almost certainly will be now.

The Last of Us has only really been out a short time, and it seems well on its way towards surpassing Naughty Dog’s other flagship franchise, Uncharted, by quite a bit. You can guarantee that there’s going to be a fairly amazing line-up on PS4 over the coming years.

Not one of those 3.4 million Last of Us sales? The newly budding franchise might just be for you! Check out our review by clicking here.


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