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Gimmick! Special Edition Is Available on Consoles and PC Now!

Bitwave Games, a modern retro game studio and part of Embracer Freemode, is delighted to announce the long-awaited NES™ platformer Gimmick! Special Edition is available for digital download today.

A legendary title from SUNSOFT, masters of the NES™ platformer, Gimmick! has achieved near mythical status thanks to its impressive visuals, incredibly addictive physics-based gameplay and limited release status. Originally arriving in 1992, late in the lifecycle of the NES™, Gimmick! was only available across Japan and Scandinavia, securing its position as a highly sought after title for collectors and platformer fans alike.


Available today for digital download, gamers can now experience Gimmick! Special Edition on Nintendo® Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox®, and PC via Steam®.

For gamers who favour physical, Gimmick! Special Edition will be available on PlayStation®4 and Nintendo® Switch™ across the EU and North America later in the year.

Ported to modern consoles and PC by developer City Connection, Gimmick! Special Edition is a remarkably faithful conversion to the NES™ original, preserving the original graphics, astonishing soundtrack and highly addictive gameplay that made the game so notorious. In addition, several quality-of-life enhancements have been added to provide modern gamers with the features they have come to expect from well-crafted retro releases.

Speed Run mode is ideal for competitive gamers who wish to master the game in record time, and achievements have been added so players can bask in their well-honed skills, and online leader boards provide the community with the scores they need to beat. Those who prefer to play as nature intended, can switch all quality-of-life features off should they wish.


“It’s been a long time coming, but I’m thrilled that Gimmick! Special Edition is finally hitting digital download today, and that fans old and new can now find out why this game is so cherished among the retro community,” Niklas Istenes, Founder and CEO of Bitwave Games, commented, “Easy to play but a true challenge to master, games like Gimmick! are few and far between these days and we can’t wait to introduce Yumetaro and his entourage of friends to a new generation of gamers.”

Gimmick! Special Edition is available today via digital download and can be purchased from Steam®, Nintendo® eShop, PlayStation® Store, and Xbox™ Games Store. Physical editions of the game for Nintendo® Switch™ and PlayStation®4 will be available from leading retailers later this year.



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