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American Mad Max Fails to Impress

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Mad Max, from Avalanche Studios, promises to bring back a hugely popular franchise, a franchise that is decidedly Australian. Why then was the voice of the titular character done by an American? Although there’s a million reasons that might be, Mad Max fans aren’t impressed and have launched a petition in the hopes of changing the decision before it’s too late.

Started by AusGamers and with only 150 signatures so far, they have a long way to go before anybody in a position of power will pay attention, but here’s hoping that the fans are heard on this one. Other, similar petitions have been unsuccessful. 

From AusGamers:

I asked them after the presentation what the decision behind that was, and if they’d change it, but was met with “we wanted someone generic”, and a bit of a shrug regarding any sort of reverence to the character in the same way they’re giving vehicles.

Although it seems like an odd thing to do, the Mad Max films did actually receive an American dub back in the day, partly because of the US’s general inability to understand the majority of foreign accents. I’m guessing that’s what’s happening here, although it’d be nice to think the developers might change their mind and, instead, provide subtitles for those that don’t think they can handle a little Aussie tongue.


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