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Saruman Unleashed for Guardians of Middle-Earth

Although Guardians of Middle-Earth was far from perfect, its biggest strength was in bringing the MOBA genre so successfully to consoles. Perhaps it’s just as impressive to see how well Warner Bros. and Monolith are continuing to support it. They’ve announced today that they’re releasing Isengard’s very own wizard of many colours, Saruman, as a purchasable guardian. You’ll be able to make buy him from both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live.

Saruman is part of the Enchanter class, although that would be obvious just from looking at his moves. His abilities tend to damage over time, whilst his shield bursts causing an amount of area damage. Other Enchanters include Gandalf, Radagast and the Barrow-Wight Lord.

Guardians of Middle-Earth has two teams of Middle-Earth’s most famous heroes and villains battle it out across a large Tolkien-inspired map. Saruman, one of the leading villains in both the books and Peter Jackson’s film adaptation, is a welcome addition to the roster.


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