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More Evidence of Halo 3 PC Surfaces

The Halo 3 PC mystery has just gotten a little deeper. After Halo 3 (and its predecessors) turned up in the Steam registry, PC gamers were ready to jump at the chance to play some of the best rated FPS titles on their rigs. Microsoft shot down the idea, specifically saying that it wasn’t going to happen. So why is there an entry for Halo 3 in the latest AMD beta drivers?

From the beta drivers:

<profile Area=”UDX” Usage=”Halo3″ Notes=”Halo3″>
<value Property=”Version”>1</value>
<value Property=”MTShaderCompile”>False</value>

<application Title=”Halo3″ File=”halo3*.exe”>
<use Area=”UDX”>Halo3</use>

This really raises more questions than it answers, but with Microsoft launching Age of Empires II HD on Steam, hope was renewed that maybe the “no” was a distraction rather than a real answer. With the evidence quickly mounting, Halo 3 PC is either definitely coming to PC over the coming months (or else why would it be in the AMD drivers now?) or there’s a hell of a conspiracy to get gamers interesting in a port of the franchise.

Of course, until Microsoft officially confirms it, nothing is certain, but at this point it’s hard to imagine all of these leaks are mere¬†coincidences


Microsoft have again issued a statement saying there are no plans to bring any of the Halo franchise to PC. They’ve not explained how the game ended up on the Steam registry, nor why there’s mention to it in the AMD beta files, so for now there are still some pretty big facts missing. There’s no reason to think two separate companies would randomly decide to reference a game that doesn’t exist. If anything, Microsoft’s steadfast denial of all of this intrigues me more.



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