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Hail to the Motherf***ing Chief – Saints Row 4 Puts Power to the President

blank In a new trailer released for Saints Row 4, Deep Silver and Voliton unveiled what could be an exciting twist for the franchise. You'll play as the president of the US, and will use your crazy kick-ass powers to save the planet from an evil alien invasion. There was a time when the Saints Row series was a GTA clone, albeit one full of potential. Those days are well and truly gone.


Final Fantasy VII PC Purchase has Thirty Day Limit

blank If you bought the PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII when it released last year, your download link has now expired. Although technically this was disclosed at purchase, it doesn’t seem to have been placed in a way that the majority would have seen it. Square Enix support aren’t willing to offer a new download link or a refund. This is standard practice for Digital River, the company which runs the E-commerce side of the Square Enix site. They’re the…


Final Fantasy VII, VIII Definitely Coming to Steam – Logos Added to DB Page

blank There have been hints before, but now it’s fair to say that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII are almost certainly coming to Steam. The SteamDB page was updated yesterday to include a set of logos for both games. This is on top of each game receiving multiple updates over the last few months, and Final Fantasy VIII receiving achievements. Although nothing has been officially announced, with logos at the ready, it can only be a matter of time…


Way of the Dogg released on 360

blank Snoop Lion (nee Dogg) stars in Way of the Dogg, released yesterday on 360. When America Jones's girlfriend is killed, he turns to Snoop Dogg to make his street fighting into something which may well help him get revenge. As AJ masters the rhythmic combat style, he'll come closer to truly understanding the "Way of the Dogg."


Michael, Trevor and Franklin: 3 faces of GTA 5

blank Rockstar have released three trailers introducing the three heroes of Grand Theft Auto V. While many publishers may have chosen to spread the videos over time, Take Two and Rockstar have decided to unveil three simultaneously, putting the shot focus on an important aspect of GTA 5: there are three protagonists. Each have their own part in the plot, and stories will intersect as you play. The player will be able to move from character to character whenever they want.


Dracula IV: The Shadow of the Dragon Unveiled

blank Anuman Interactive have released their first trailer for the next entry in the fan-favourite Dracula adventure series, as well as a set of images. The Shadow of the Dragon begins when a painting that should have been destroyed in a shipwreck turns up in Budapest. The player is tasked with finding out what has happened. It will be released for PC, Mac, iOS and Android in Summer of this year.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming to PS3 this Summer

blank It may be a few years late, and a completely different game to that we were expecting, but Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is finally making it to the PlayStation 3. The PS3 release will coincide with the PC re-release. The MMO has something of an infamous past, in which the game was released to complete critical failure and then basically remade from the ground up. A slightly more solid release window is a hint that things are well on their way to improving within the world of Eorzea.


Epic Citadel Hits HTML5

blank HTML5 tech truly is amazing, and there’s no better way of quickly checking it out than by running Epic Citadel, now available for play in browsers. Originally released to show off the Unreal Engine working on mobile devices, Epic Citadel is a beautiful tech demo that doesn’t take long to wander through and which shows the Unreal Engine will be a beast in browsers. The HTML5 version of the demo suffers from being too similar to its mobile counterpart. There’s…


Mars War Logs Launches into Retail Space in UK

blank Mars War Logs is a decent looking action-RPG available at the reasonable price of £14.99 on Steam, and available soon, digitally, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version of the game has had its retail launch today as well, although I imagine it basically boils down to sticking a code into Steam anyway. Mars War Logs tells the story of a planet in the midst of a civil war. In a world where water is scarce, corporations battle…


Okami Announcement Likely for Japan Only, Not a Game

blank The official Okami Twitter account fired up last week, teasing an announcement for the beginning of golden week, a set of holidays in Japan. Although the same Twitter account was quick to confirm it would not be a new game, it hasn’t stopped people getting excited for the possibility of an HD port of Okamiden or an iOS release of the original PS2 classic. Capcom have today confirmed that’s not the case, and that actually, the announcement is probably Japanese-only.…