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PlayStation Formats in Mass Firmware Update


If you own a PlayStation 4, a Vita or have downloaded the official PlayStation App on your smartphone, you’ll have seen an update notification today. The PlayStation 4 has been updated to 1.7, and the other two platforms have been updated to allow for new features or to fix old ones.

The PlayStation 4 1.7 update was announced quite a few weeks ago, alongside a look at the first couple of big features. SHARE functionality has indeed been improved, and a new app made available in which to edit your captured footage. A handful of other updates have been included as well, including the ability to dim the light on the controller, but other than the ability to turn off the DRM previously used in external capturing, there’s very little in the way of “requested” features. That doesn’t mean that the new features are bad, but that MP3 support and the like are still very much needed.

For a full update list, check out the PlayStation Blog.

The Vita update was less impressive, fixing problems with the way that games had been streamed to it. The most obvious change comes in the form of how you’ll actually connect the devices. Before it had been quite the hassle, involving typing numbers across both devices, but now it’ll be done automatically. A small but more than appreciated change.

Finally, the PlayStation app allows you to take pictures for your profile, a feature that’ll mean a whole load of moderation work needs to be done. It means you don’t have to rely on Facebook, but it also means that you’re about a million times more likely to come across a penis.


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