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1stPlayer K8 Fire Dancing Kit Review

1stPlayer K8 Fire Dancing Kit

1stPlayer K8 1
Release: January 1, 1970
Developer: 1stPlayer
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These days, most products are tailored to one specific function. It makes sense that having a singular focus will help create the best version of that product. It also means that it becomes harder to use that product for any purpose other than the one it was specifically made for. This is as true about gaming accessories as it is about anything else. For example, have you tried writing an essay on a mechanical keyboard? Sure the keystrokes might be quick, but after 2 or 3 hours of straight key-clacking noises, you will be ready to throw it out the window. Likewise, a 10-button gaming mouse does nothing but get in the way when surfing the web to research a work query. Enter the 1stPlayer K8 Fire Dancing Keyboard and Mouse Kit, a perfect balance of work and play.

1stPlayer K8 1

With all of the hype around mechanical keyboards in the PC gaming arena, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that there are disadvantages to using one. Membrane keyboards are typically lighter, quieter, more portable and more affordable. Additionally, the jump in PC accessory technology over the past decade has been to the benefit of all keyboards, not just mechanical ones.

A similar gap is found in computer mice, where the class of mouse considered to be a ‘gaming’ mouse requires RGB lighting, a unique or ergonomic shape and a host of extra buttons to use in gameplay. The reality is that a simple, symmetrical mouse with a quality laser, comfortable grip and adjustable DPI sensitivity can accomplish almost everything that the fanciest of mice can.

1stPlayer set their sights on closing this divide with the 1stPlayer K8 Fire Dancing keyboard and mouse kit. The quality of both the K8 keyboard and mouse is undeniable, they are solid, durable accessories that offer a very familiar experience to mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse users, while also being extremely lightweight and portable.

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The 1stPlayer K8 keyboard in particular offers the perfect blend of work and play. Sporting 5 button shortcuts to your most-used office applications like email, web browser and calculator as well as 5 multimedia keys, you can swap your gaming music or send a work email at the touch of a single button. While not truly RGB-lit, the keyboard does have a static rainbow backlight which gives it a solid style bump. This is easily turned off for those no-nonsense times of intense concentration. The K8 also has a built-in wrist rest to reduce fatigue while typing – great for both late-night gaming sessions or last-minute essay scrambling!

The K8 mouse may look overly basic, but don’t let it fool you! Inside this little mouse is a gaming grade optical sensor that will track your movements without any jitters and has a very precise lift-sensor which prevents the mouse from moving after it leaves the desk surface. Although excelling in its minimalism, the 1stPlayer K8 mouse does come with one extra button that allows the user to switch between 4 different DPI settings. My one complaint with the mouse is that the DPI settings are not adjustable but instead are set at 500/1000/1500/2000 DPI. This is a very good DPI range, however, and the static mouse settings can easily be worked around by tweaking in-game settings as necessary.

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Overall, the 1stPlayer K8 Fire Dancing Kit offers immense value and high-tier gaming performance without sacrificing work/office practicality. It is a superb blend for those who game in their home office (or their work office – we won’t tell!). I personally find the keys on the keyboard as comfortable if not more comfortable than working on a mechanical keyboard and the mouse sports extremely smooth motion and a good (if not customizable) DPI range.

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