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Razer Keyboard Accessory Sets Review

Razer Keyboard Accessory Sets

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Release: November 8, 2021
Publisher: Razer
Developer: Razer
Genre: Hardware Reviews, Keyboards Reviews


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Razer recently released a comprehensive line of keyboard accessory sets, allowing you to fully customize the look and feel of your Razer keyboard. These kits come in four different colours and the black and white are available both in Phantom and PBT sets. All of these kits are compatible with Razer’s Mini, Tenkeyless and Full-Size keyboards, mechanical or optical. We received Phantom Keycap upgrade sets, PBT Keycaps & matching coil sets, as well as wrist rests for testing.

The Phantom keycaps sets are translucent on the sides, allowing a more powerful glow from the RGB Razer Chroma lighting to be seen. The legends themselves are rendered invisible when the RGB is turned off, which is way cooler than I expected it to be. There is something remarkably intimidating about showing up with a keyboard that has no labels on the keys. Considering most people don’t even need to look at the keys to use a keyboard there is almost no loss in functionality either. That being said, I am definitely a fan of the Chroma RGB, regardless of which of the keyboard accessory sets I am using.

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While the Phantom keycaps are very cool and certainly unique, the PBT keycap sets with coiled cables stole my heart immediately. With an extra two colour options, Razer Green and Quartz Pink, these sets toss a big splash of colour into your keyboard. It doesn’t hurt at all that Razer Green is just about my favourite colour of all time, so I am thrilled to have an entire 128-key set in this colour. Combining that with the original colour of whichever Razer keyboard you have and you get a slick, two-toned keyboard experience. Of course, those looking for a truly custom keyboard have the option of purchasing multiple sets to really make those colours pop!

The coiled USB-C to USB-A cables are very well made and there is no question that it is worth your while to pay the extra few dollars to get whichever of the keyboard accessory sets you find most appealing that includes the cable. They are plenty long enough for almost any gaming rig and have a sturdy, braided exterior. The coil allows for tidy cable management and completely removes and downward pressure that may otherwise be experienced if the length of the cable was hanging down. It has been a long time since I have seen an actual improvement in something as seemingly simple as a keyboard cable, but these coiled cables are truly a notch above.

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No matter which of Razer’s keyboard accessory sets appeals to you, you may be worried about the complexities of replacing the keycaps. To be honest, I was right alongside you. This is my first time playing around with keycap customization and I was terrified of breaking my keyboard. I could not have been more wrong. The tool provided does an exceptional job of quickly, easily and (most importantly) safely removes the existing keycap and allows you to quickly push on the upgrade cap of your choice. Pro tip: The removal tool is also a really tidy way to pick up the upgrade keycap from its tray without disturbing any of the other keys.

Everything in these kits is absolute quality – all the way down to the trays that the keys are held in. Perfectly molded, the trays keep each key in its place and ensure that they don’t get lost or disrupted while in storage. This is especially nice as you can simply put your old keys in the free spaces in the event you want to modify your keyboard layout at any time. The keycaps themselves are very durable and have the legends lasered on to the bottom, meaning the letters will never wear off with use. I can’t tell you how many times I have worn off WASD keys through my many many hours of sweaty FPS gaming!

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The wrist rests are a nice addition to any keyboard, really. While not nearly as flashy as the rest of the keyboard customization sets, they are available in three sizes, one for each form factor of Razer keyboard. I tested these kits with a Mini-sized Razer keyboard and was pleasantly surprised at home much comfort was availed by the relatively thin wrist rest. It is not an overly plush fabric or foam, but it certainly takes the pressure off your wrist for longer stints at the PC. Honestly, if you don’t have a wrist rest already, these are worth the extra few dollars to help maintain your hand and wrist health.

Overall, I have no complaints at all about Razer’s keyboard upgrade sets. They do exactly what they promise to do and a little more. While not a necessity by any means, they are a quick and convenient method to add a lot of extra flair to your PC gaming rig.

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