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Creative T100 Desktop Speakers Review

Creative T100 Desktop Speakers

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With so much of the PC audio focus centered on headphones and wireless headsets, it can be easy to forget how enjoyable a nice set of desktop speakers can be. Whether you are just putting some music on in the background, showing your friends a YouTube video or settling in to watch some Netflix on your PC, desktop speakers allow for a relaxing and non-isolated listening experience. The good folks over at Creative understand that desktop speakers are still an important part of any PC setup, and have raised the bar with their new T100’s.

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The T100 consists of two compact Hi-Fi Desktop speakers and a remote control. Each of the speakers features a powerful full-range driver and delivers a power power of up to 80W. The clarity and dynamic range of the Creative T100 is undeniable – hands down the best desktop speakers I have had the pleasure to listen to. Except, the T100 is more than a pair of desktop speakers. With full Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, 3.5mm AUX and Optical audio inputs on top of the USB input, there is no limit to the number of devices that can connect to and play audio through the Creative T100 speakers.

These functions are made even more practical by the wireless remote, which enables the speakers to be powered on, even if the PC they are connected to is powered off, and allows the user to swap between inputs, change pre-set advanced EQs or set their own bass and treble settings. The remote also allows skipping, pausing or going to previous audio files and, of course, full volume control.

I cannot stress enough how valuable these additional features are, especially with the dynamic range and acoustic power offered by such a compact set of speakers. While the BasXPort technology will not replace the deep lows offered by a standalone subwoofer, it allows the T100 to far exceed the sub-range of the standard desktop speakers.

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In addition to the remote controls, the top of the right-hand speaker is also equipped with 3 buttons which allow the user to toggle power to the speakers, change the volume and the input as well. As these are undoubtedly the controls most often needed when using speakers, it makes sense to include buttons on the speakers themselves in the event the remote is temporarily misplaced.

On top of the amazing sound quality of offered by the Creative T100’s, I was also pleasantly surprised by the sheer power offered by such a compact system. The sound can be cranked up loud enough to hear from across the house, backyard or any other space you may decide to utilize these incredibly handy speakers.

The only thing missing for this product to score a perfect 10 would be the addition of a subwoofer to the offering. While I understand the additional cost would turn away some people, I really think that if these were sold with a compatible subwoofer, it would provide a unique combination of sound quality, power, range and utility to customers that does not currently exist on the market. Overall, these speakers will enhance any PC setup and are certainly worth the investment.

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