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Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls (Stadia)

Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls (Stadia)

Release: August 13, 2021
Publisher: Outright Games
Developer: DRAKHAR STUDIO Climax Studios Drakhar Studio S.L
Genre: Family, Genres, Google Stadia Reviews


Substandard About Rating
4.5 - Gameplay
5.0 - Video
3.5 - Audio

Paw Patrol is on a roll! Or are they? I recently beat Paw Patrol Mighty Pups and was excited for this game. Mighty Pups was a huge improvement for me in this franchise so I felt this game would be the best one yet! Is this game Pawtastic? Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls is based off the new movie that just released in theatres. Let’s get ready to dive in!

When the game starts we are greeted with a simple menu. Paw Patrol features only eight missions. Marshall and Rubble are up in the very first mission, “Put out the Fires. Let’s head to the lookout! Once at the lookout, Ryder gives us the mission details. Here I noticed the first disappointment, as none of the pups are voiced which is a let down. The level starts off with the same task as the other games: “Collect all the pup treats.”


Paw Patrol is extremely easy to play, which is good for kids. You will be using the thumbstick to walk around to collect all the pup treats, occasionally jump, and the odd mini event such as breaking rocks with Rubble etc. Mini events are fairly easy and are done with the “A” button and or thumbstick. It is rather annoying that we are given instructions every time we do a task, even if we’ve done it before. Again, this could be yet another ‘kid friendly’ mechanic built into the game. Each level features a team of two pups, and you can switch between them as some actions require specific pups to complete.



I am not sure what happened here, but you can tell this game was rushed. The first few levels are very similar in design and are just plain sloppy. This is a step backwards from Mighty Pups which is disappointing. Even though the game is geared towards children, I feel like they lacked effort. My six year old daughter who loves Paw Patrol gave this game a try. After ten minutes or so she was bored and asked me to shut off the game. She is only six and was able to tell me the game felt like Mighty Pups, but more “poopie”. Kid’s will give their honest feedback so I can’t fault them for it. The game was played on Google Stadia, which sometimes had a little bit of stuttering for me. I did have a good connection and no issues with other games, so unsure what was happening here.


Ultimately, Paw Patrol is not on a roll. The game is sloppy and extremely short…even the movie is longer. Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls has zero replay value, even for children. OG games has many titles coming out in the next few months I really hope they slow down and evaluate that it’s quality not quantity. I hope they make another Paw Patrol game, but bring better game play and things to do. Collecting pup treats can get really boring, especially with similar level design. I am still excited for other OG game titles coming out soon with Peppa Pig leading the pack. I really hope Peppa Pig is done well as this could be a huge hit for the publisher.

Adventure bay wasn’t saved, but unfortunately it was absolutely destroyed with this game. Stay tuned for more honest reviews and happy gaming!



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