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Watch Dogs Legion Stadia

Watch Dogs Legion Stadia

Release: October 29, 2020
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Toronto
Genre: Action, Adventure, Google Stadia Reviews


Worth a Play About Rating
6.5 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
7.0 - Audio

Watch Dogs Legion is the third installment in the series. The game takes place in London where crime and terrorism are ruining the city. It is your job as a member of DedSec to form a team and clean up the city. London looks absolutely great, and you can tell Ubisoft took time to put great detail into the game. In a truly open world with many different missions, side quests, and exploring to do, it’s easy to spend hours playing.

When playing you have the ability to chose how you tackle an operation in multiple ways. Will you be stealth? Go in guns blazing? Or use technology to complete your mission. I had the pleasure of playing this game on Google Stadia. Gaming on the go was amazing and helped me progress faster due to my busy schedules. But how does it fair on the cloud platform? Let’s dive in!


When I first started the game, I took the time to explore that city and its fantastic. Around London, there are so many things to see and do. I will point out one thing that bothered me with this game, and that was the lack of saving. The game has an auto save feature it uses so you can’t save on your own. Several times I had to replay an area due to not having enough time to get the auto save to kick in. This can become a big issue when playing on the cloud!

For me, as the Watch Dogs series progresses, it’s getting better. The series has come a long way since the first release. I love the ability to play at my own pace, explore, and tackle missions how I see fit. You the player are in total control of the game. It’s important when exploring and looking to add members to the team that you keep in mind the skill sets you’re looking for. You can do this by scanning them.

After the series of bombings at the start of the game DedSec is framed as responsible, so our team must set the record straight and take back the city. The main game is decent in length, approximately 22 hours to complete, but don’t forget all the side quests and other things to do which will add hours to the game. I really enjoyed the ability to upgrade your character with so many options to choose from. I spent time looking at what would benefit my character the most, and making decisions based on my game play style. Depending on how you play you will need to assess which upgrades will be good for you.

The story is deep and rich with great cut scenes. The ability to hack almost anything in the World of London adds a fun factor while playing. You can also customize players clothing and give them a personal touch. Recruiting new members to join the DedSec team is extremely easy; all you need to do is walk up to them and begin the recruitment process. I never had anyone say no to me, and for a simple task in return, it seemed like a good deal to me.

As you progress in the game the missions start to feel repetitive and stale. The hacking is extremely easy and I found myself getting bored at times. There were a number of strong points in the game: the ability to recruit almost anyone with robust skills to pick, London looks amazing, and all the technology upgrades/gadgets. Some not-so-great moments, like the saving situation, the repetitive missions, and the story getting a bit lost, do pull the experience back a bit.


Overall, if you enjoy the series this is a must play for you. The game is decent but far from a masterpiece. I can’t wait to see the improvements made for Watch Dogs 4 as the series is getting better each release.



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