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Hundred Days- Winemaking Simulator Stadia

Hundred Days- Winemaking Simulator Stadia

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Broken Arms Games
Developer: Broken Arms Games
Genre: Google Stadia Reviews, Simulation
PEGI: E10+


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6.5 - Gameplay
6.0 - Video
5.0 - Audio

Hundred Days Wine making simulator was a title I was so excited to try. Simulation games are one genre I can’t get enough of so I had really high hopes for this game. I know nothing about Wine, but hey that’s okay, I can learn along the way with this truly unique game.


I started off with the story mode. It starts out like a typical game where you work a boring job and decide to switch things up like in Stardew Valley. The main character gets a letter to start an adventure in Winemaking and decides to quit the boring job. The story is extremely bland and boring with tons of meaningless text dialog. Characters are easy to forget as none of them are memorable in any way. Once we get started, we are taught briefly how to do things, but without any depth.

With little to no direction I had to go through all the menus to see what was available. There are menus for upgrading, buying items, and checking sales stats/orders. Genuinely confused, I had no idea what I should upgrade or purchase. The game fails horribly at teaching you how to play, at least in my experience. Moving along I made my first batch of grapes for wine, but was not sure how to get the best wine and ended up with a 57/100 wine. I will say the customization is great, as you can name your wine, choose the shape of the bottle, and even the style of cork.


On the main screen of your Winery, there are tiles where you can place tasks, and each task has an amount of time it will take to complete. For example on the picture above, weeding will take one turn. It’s important to move the tasks around like a Tetris piece, the more you can fit the better. The game is very slow paced with the same tasks over and over. Each game year is very short before you know it, winter is here. The story mode can be completed fast in under 3 hours from my play through. Once completed, I did story mode a few more times but nothing changed – it was exactly the same with no variables. Even the wine score, with changes, was the same.

The screen colour is enjoyable that would be the biggest compliment I can make about the game. The story is like a bad dry wine, one taste is all you need. A foundation is here, and I think if the time was taken this game it has potential to be much better. I will like to add that the Stadia version only has six achievements where as the Steam version has over 20. The Stadia versions is watered down in this regard, which is a bit of a let down.

Overall, at the price point of over $30 Canadian, I can’t justify purchasing it. Even if you’re curious about the game, I would wait for a sale. The terrible story mixed with bad characters is not enjoyable in any capacity. I don’t normally pass on wine, but this is one drink I would say no to. If the necessary changes are made, I would try a sequel to this game – they definitely have something to work with.


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