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ROCCAT Vulcan TKL & Pro Review

ROCCAT Vulcan TKL & Pro

ROCCAT Vulcan series feat
Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: ROCCAT
Developer: ROCCAT
Genre: Keyboards Reviews


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ROCCAT has been very active lately, with a new Elo lineup of headsets, the Burst Pro mouse and new additions to the Vulcan keyboard series. The Vulcan Pro and Vulcan TKL Pro will be available worldwide tomorrow, Friday, October 30. These keyboards feature the all-new¬†Titan Optical Switch, a technology that ROCCAT has put a lot of time into developing. With these exciting new developments, ROCCAT certainly is a brand to keep your eye on, as all of their new products are giving their competitors a serious run for their money. Let’s take a look at what the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro & TKL Pro have to offer!

ROCCAT Vulcan series

Flip The Switch

The TKL (or Tenkeyless) Vulcan keyboards are identical in every single way except one: the switches. Both sport all-new Titan Switches, a technology that ROCCAT developed for over three years! The ROCCAT Vulcan TKL has mechanical versions of the Titan Switches while the TKL Pro features the optical version. When used side-by-side, it is incredible how closely the Titan Switch Optical mimics the tactile feedback of a mechanical switch, while of course maintaining the unbeatable speed provided by the optical format. This truly is the fastest and most responsive switch on the market.

Both the TKL and TKL Pro feel incredibly smooth when in use. I personally find the TKL Pro to be just a bit more responsive, plus it strikes the perfect balance between haptic feedback and quiet keystrokes. This combination makes it a real contender for serious gamers. The Tenkeyless form factor allows for a much more comfortable gaming position, as you have the freedom to rotate your keyboard very freely without fear of it interfering with your mouse tracking area.

The only drawback of removing the numpad is that those who work at home may rely on its use. With more and more people working from home, this is a real consideration to keep in mind. Luckily for us, ROCCAT did have this in mind, which is why they also developed the Vulcan Pro full-size keyboard as well as the TKL format. The Pro uses identical Titan Switch Optical found in the TKL Pro, but has the form-factor of a fullsize keyboard for those who are not quite ready to make the switch to the gamer-optimized Tenkeyless format.


Built To Last

Chances are, you’ve heard of the reputation of German engineering. From cars to keyboards, they just seem to get it right. ROCCAT has done that reputation proud with the latest additions to the Vulcan lineup, as we could not find a single complaint with the design or quality of these keyboards. The keys are raised above a slick brushed-metal top plate that feels extraordinarily sturdy. This also allows anything dropped between the keys to be quickly and cleanly removed – meaning no more dust or potato chip crumbs gunking up the works!

The Titan Switch Optical, which boasts a 1.4mm actuation point, also enjoys a 100 million keystroke life-cycle – roughly 2x the industry standard. As the TKL versions were designed with competitive gaming in mind, they are connected to PC via a USB-C to USB-A cable. This can be detached from the keyboard at any time, allowing for quick and easy transportation. Frequently bring your keyboard to LAN competitions? Just pack a second cable in your bag and you won’t need to go fishing for wires every time you want to take your keyboard with you!


Still Has Room to Glow

I think what impressed me the most about the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL & TKL Pro was how little they actually sacrificed to achieve this wonderfully compact format. Both models have full AIMO lighting and media controls. This is made possible by the Function button (FN) located beside right-alt, which unlocks secondary features on more than a dozen of keys. As someone who has not previously spent a lot of time using TKL form factor keyboards, these buttons definitely help smooth the transition.

If you use your PC primarily for gaming and are not opposed to considering a TKL keyboard, the Vulcan TKL/TKL Pro should definitely be near the top of your list. Even the keycaps, which are of course subject to a fair amount of personal preference, are nicely formed around a fingertip shape that your hands can glide across with ease and still maintain precision typing ability. In the combined 100+ hours of testing, there was not a single flaw or missing feature to be found.

ROCCAT Vulcan 2

ROCCAT Vulcan TKL & Pro In Conclusion

The combination of style, durability, speed and responsiveness in the TKL Pro is virtually unmatched. In the Vulcan gaming keyboard lineup, this would certainly be my first choice. ROCCAT has done a fantastic job of providing a range of options, so that die-hard mechanical keyboard fans can enjoy the Vulcan TKL, which is very slightly less responsive than the TKL Pro, but does have a little more of that classic tactile feedback. If you aren’t ready to make the swap to TKL or if you need your numpad for work and other activities, the full-size Vulcan Pro has you covered. Honestly, the only reason we cannot give this keyboard line a perfect score is that there are no wireless options. While our personal preference is also the performance boost of a wired keyboard, there are plenty who prefer a wireless alternative and having that as a final option would perfectly round off this series of keyboards.

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