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Steel Series Siberia 200 Headset Review

Steel Series Siberia 200 Headset

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I’ve been told my others outside of Steel Series – they told me too – that the now discontinued Siberia V2 headset was a must have more many PC gamers, and when the product was discontinued and replaced with the V3, fans complained…a lot. So, Steel Series is bringing back the V2 in seven different color variations, making a few changes, and rebranding them as the Steel Series Siberia 200 headset. Does it still perform like it’s predecessor? We think so!

Hardware Specifications

50mm Neodymium
Headphone Frequency Response (Hz): 10-28000
Headphone Sensitivity (dB): 112 dB


Cable Length (m): 1.8 m
Connector Type: Dual 3.5mm, 3-pole plugs
Adapter: Single 3.5mm, 4-pole plug


Microphone Frequency Response (Hz): 50-16000
Microphone Pickup Pattern: Unidirectional (directional)
Microphone Sensitivity (dB): -38 dB
Microphone Impedance (Ohm): 2200 Ohm


Steel Series knew there was a demand for a rebranded V2 headset, and they delivered. From the Steel Series website,
“After discontinuing the Siberia v2, gamers worldwide have demanded its return – we’re excited to announce that those demands have been answered with the Siberia 200. Refreshing and bringing this headset back to market celebrates a headset with a proven track record of success and delivers exactly what gamers really want,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “The community played such an integral roll in this headset refresh, which meant the color choices we were going to offer needed to be deeply connected to influential gaming personalities – that’s where our Ambassadors came in. We’re thrilled to be able to bring meaningful color combinations and their stories to gamers.”
Steel Series does a great job packaging it’s headsets, where it is their cheaper line such as the Siberia 200, or their most expensive headset in the Siberia X800. It is nice to see the same dedication go into both. When out of the box, the Siberia 200s boast the typical Steel Series design: two bands – one elastic to rest comfortably on your head, the other a bendable support bar to lift the weight of everything off your head. Like the V2s before it, the 200s are again one of the comfiest PC headsets you will ever purchase. And for 79.99, they are a steal!
The new 200s come in seven colors designed by different eSports icons. We reviewed the red version. They look very sharp. Included in the box is an adapter in case you wish to use your headset with mobile. Half way along the wire you will find a dongle that will allow you to mute your headset. A retractable microphone allows you to use your headset for a variety of purposes. It easily pulls out for online gaming or talking on Skype or twitch, and easily goes away when not needed, when playing solo.

Performance and Conclusion

What is unfortunate about the 200s is that it doesn’t blow me away. This is good and bad. I can’t say it is any better than, say a similarly priced headset from other competitors. It’s average, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For 79.99, one has to assume they are not getting the be all, end all of headsets. You will get something functional, with extreme comfort and great durability.
Cheap headsets are noticeably cheap: they sound bad, they break easily, and they are uncomfortable. The 200s sound good, feel great, and seem like they could easily withstand someone sitting on them. If you need a PC headset and have used Steel Series before, than you probably feel comfortable with the brand and will pick this up. However, if you are as familiar with Steel Series as I am with the mating habits of snakes – which, by the way, is not familiar at all – than do your research. Each brand of headset will offer a perk unique to the creators. That perk for Steel Series is the dual band system that creates some of the comfiest headsets on the market.
The decision is really yours, but we have no problem recommending the Steel Series Siberia 200 headset to anyone who asks. For 79.99, you won’t find a better headset. You can keep yourself up to date with the best headset of 2018 by checking this best gaming headset under 50 roundup. If you are looking for a gaming machine that would work well with your headset you can visit Fierce PC for your Gaming PC selection.

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