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Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX Wireless Over-the-Ear Gaming Headset Review

Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX Wireless Over-the-Ear Gaming Headset

Release: September 18, 2023
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Great About Rating

I just received the Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX wireless Over-the-Ear gaming headset, and it has not disappointed me. Right from coming out of the box, I had already felt how lightweight the headset is and knew it was going to be perfect for long periods of use.

Unboxing the headset, you receive it where you can adjust the size that would fit perfectly on your head. Just snap the ear buds into the correct slot: you have three options which are: small, medium, or large which provide you the comfort of adjust ability without having to readjust your headset like other major brands that just slide in or out.  

This headset can connect to the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile phones and most likely any other Bluetooth device. Connecting to this headset is extremely easy, since it comes with dual wireless which will keep you connected to Bluetooth and low latency of 2.4GHZ frequencies which provide you with excellent sound quality. It also comes with a USB-C wireless adapter aside from Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a USB-A adapter, so choose whichever connection is for your convenience.   


The headset itself provides a flexibility that I feel any gamer would appreciate. It is extremely flexible and feels like it isn’t as breakable as other major brand headsets that can break in half if accidentally sitting on them. As far as the oval shaped cups are concerned, while they contain a 40mm bass boosted, high sensitivity driver, I felt that they were a bit too snug and would put a bit of pressure on the ears.

While the sound delivered was crisp and sounded amazing, not only for gaming sessions but for listening to music as well, having this headset on for too long, put a bit too much pressure on the ears and caused me to have to either have just one ear cup on or remove them to take breaks.

Between the high-quality microphone that delivers crisp sound to the listener and the ability to balance controls between game audio and team chat with on-ear game/chat balance controls, this headset delivers a great experience.

This headset also has the ability to access customization with the 600 PRO Navigator app, which includes custom equalizer settings, microphone sensitivity, wireless modes and more. Battery life is also awesome, considering my headset lasted with battery for almost an entire day and still was charged for a few hours the next day. Overall, I have no complains with this headset.


RIG 600 PRO features:

  • Dual-mode wireless with 2.4GHz USB-C adapter and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.
  • High-quality game audio from bass-boosted 40mm high-sensitivity drivers.
  • Tuned chamber acoustics for balanced audio.
  • Mic discretely folds into the earcup when on the go.
  • All-day comfort via light weight ear cups wrapped in breathable fabric.
  • Virtually unbreakable and plush-cushioned headband.
  • 600 PRO Navigator app available for advanced customization.
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and mobile devices.
  • Up to 24-hour Bluetooth battery life.
  • Up to 18-hour 2.4GHz battery life.
  • Recharge via USB-C port (cable included).

This gaming headset is available for purchase right now in North America. Compared to other major brand gaming headsets, a price point of $100 USD is very reasonable, especially for the amazing crisp sound it delivers for your gaming experience.

However, for streamers this headset may not be the right choice. There is no noise cancellation with this headset, and this may be an issue if you must stream or maybe have group chats with gamer friends on Discord. Otherwise, this headset is ideal for the TV console gamer. This headset connects flawlessly to the Xbox and PlayStation and provides hours of great sound to make your gaming experience enjoyable.


From the minor negatives that I have encountered, they are just small issues to what otherwise is considered an amazing headset, with great performance, functionality and lightweight comfort that it delivers for its price range.

Personally for me, while the headset was too tight, this was a personal issue and may feel different for others who never have issues with sensitive ears. Otherwise, the sound quality and performance of the RIG 600 Pro HX rivals that of headsets double that cost. What I loved about this headset is how simple it was and how lightweight it felt, making me appreciate this headset more than many higher-end brand headsets.

Huge thank you to Nacon RIG for providing us with the 600 PRO HX for Xbox for review. If interested in checking out or purchasing this headset, check out their website: Nacon RIG. You can also check out their Twitter page.



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