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Siberia X300 Headset Review

Siberia X300 Headset

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Steel Series makes a wide range of products for the video game community, and while a big focus of their work is through the PC side of things, they also make some fantastic headsets for consoles. We were privileged enough to receive the Siberia X300 Xbox One headset from Steel Series and we loved it.


From Steel Series,

The Steel Series Siberia X300 and P300 are the most comfortable console gaming headsets in the world, bar none. The Siberia headset is 70% preferred when tested against the top competitive headsets brands. The dominating results of the Siberia Challenge are due to the combination of the iconic Siberia suspension headband offering enduring, lightweight comfort, and exceptional sound quality.


This headset is not the most beautiful on the market, but it definitely is comfortable. The Steel Series X300 has a stretchy band that fits nicely over your head, and an other band above that which creates the support for the headset. This extra supporting band is two thin plastic coated wires that provide flexibility and strength. This two band system helps create a more comfortable gaming headset. The top band does the work, while the bottom band holds the headset comfortably on the players head. Compared to other, bulkier headsets, the X300 feels like a feather, and was comfortable even during my longer – six hours and some change – play sessions. While some audiophiles might disagree with me, I believe comfort is almost as important as sound and mic quality. The things does sit on your head after all. When compared to other headsets in the 99.99-149.99 price range, this headset, comfort wise, is way ahead of the pack.


While the band pulls all the pressure off the top of your head, the memory foam ear cups feel amazing when you wear them. The cups mold around your ears, keeping your gaming and chat volume in, and the outside noise, out.

Microphone Quality

Steel Series has chosen an extendable microphone which comes out of the left ear cup. The extendable microphone can be bent to accommodate the head size of the user. When using this headset online, and even during a few Skype sessions, the common thing I hear from other users is the landline phone like quality they are getting from my end. It should be noted, however, that some users in Xbox Live parties mentioned a crackling noise, while others at the same time said they heard nothing. Our assumption is this is not a problem with this Steel Series Headsets, as conversation between two users both using the X300 was pure and clean.


Audio Quality

The audio quality in this set-up is much like other headsets in the same price range from other companies. The sound is crisp, doing a good job of balancing highs and lows. Even with the volume turned all the way up, I never experienced any distortion in the sound. The ability to use the included Xbox One adapter to adjust the volume, as well as the balance between Chat and Game audio gives players easy access to setting things up how they desire it. There is no fiddling around with buttons on the cups of the controller here, a bonus over many other headsets.


To be fair, when it comes to audio quality, there isn’t really anything major differentiating one brand of headset to another within the same price range. Each company has their perks and standard features that make their brand unique, but sound quality is often equal across them all. However, where Steel Series has a leg up on a lot of the competition is in the comfort department. I have used headsets from many manufacturers and I can safely say these are the most comfortable headsets I have ever used. I think a slightly less comfy, equally as impressive audible headset can be found from other brands at a slightly lower price. However, if you are making your decision based purely on the feel of the headset on your head, these are worth the 149.99 MSRP.


We will continue to update this review as we test this headset out with more games and devices. We have put in a request with Steel Series to review their high end, Siberia X800 7.1 Headset, and will post that when complete.


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