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EPOS H3Pro Hyrbrid Headset Review

EPOS H3Pro Hyrbrid Headset

Release: January 1, 1970
Genre: Headphone Reviews


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One of my favourite video game accessory makers, EPOS, has launched new colours for the EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Headset, and we’ve been trying them out for the past few weeks. Everything I love about EPOS is present in this headset, and while the price point is still a bit high for many – perhaps myself included – the quality of both the product and the audio are second to none. If you have the money to spend, any headset from EPOS is a good bet, but today I’m recommending the H3Pro Hybrid.


Remember the days of the flashy, colourful headsets? The ones with LED lights all over. I’m glad those day are basically over, and I feel that EPOS is leading the charge. The H3Pro has what I call a professional look, in that I could use them for my day-job Microsoft Teams calls and no one would bat an eye. Classy and comfortable are the two words that come to mind after using this headset for a few weeks. The steel band across the top is perfectly padded, resulting in extreme comfort that only a few headsets can provide. The parts used to build the headset are obviously of hte highest quality – this is a sturdy set that will last a very long time.

All your onboard controls are on the two ear cups, easily navigable and easy to memorize. For the first bit I was reaching back and forth to find the active noise cancelation button, or the volume button, but after a few days, it was second nature. The microphone can be detached when not in use, and the set comes with a small disc to fill in the hole where the microphone connects. For many, they will likely never disconnect the microphone, but as someone who plays a lot of games casually on Nintendo Switch, being able to remove the microphone completely is a huge bonus, and a key selling feature for me!


And while design and comfort matter, it’s the functionality and sound that must also play a key role. Many folks can get over an uncomfortable headset that sounds amazing, but no amount of comfort will offset a bad set.

Thankfully, audio quality has never been an issue for EPOS, and likely never will be. But I want to touch on the active noise cancelation first. Whenever companies launch products and promise results, I’m often skeptical and my skepticism is often proved right. I cannot say that in this situation. When enabled, the microphone will pick up those unwanted noises from around you, and your headset will then work to cancel out those sounds. It worked amazingly well, and helped keep me immersed in what I was doing. It didn’t help, however, when my 3 year old hopped out of bed and needed to use the potty – whoops!

the audio quality is second to none, but as headset companies continue to develop products and refine their audio, the gap between high end headsets and mid-tier headsets is slowly closing. Yes, these do sound better than others I have used, but in a tight financial situation, I’m not convinced the added price on the H3Pro is worth it.



One reason why the H3Pro will stay out on my coffee table for use day after day is how versatile of a product it is. The headset can be connected wirelessly using the included adapter, via Bluetooth, or can be connected directly with a wire connection. I was able to use all three – the dongle was put into my PlayStation 5, I would connect via Bluetooth to the Nintendo Switch, and I used the wired connection with my Xbox Elite Controller V2. And all worked incredibly well, with consistent audio experiences regardless of which way I opted to connect.

Further to the versatility is the battery life, a whopping promised 30 hours without active noise cancellation. This is huge, as I’ve felt many of my other wireless headsets are giving me way less. Although I’ve only had to charge the set once since getting it a few weeks ago, I did get a solid 23 hours with active noise cancellation on, and have been running another 15-18 hours on my second charge. That’s pretty strong, and a huge selling feature.


So who is the H3Pro for? Throughout this review, I’ve noted a few times that I’m not sure a specific feature is worth the price of entry. And if you are a casual gamer with limited financial resources, your money can easily be spent better elsewhere. However, for those gaming, and perhaps creating content for 5-8+ hours per day, the H3Pro comes highly recommended. During a few busy weekends, I had these cans on my head for well over 8 hours per day handling a number of different reviews and also creating content. The light weight means I can wear them for this long, with little to no pain at the end.

There is a huge base that the H3Pro will appeal to, but it’s not the casual fan. But I think EPOS knows this and would probably concur. But if you have the financial ability to make this purchase, or want to invest in your content creating career, these are an easy choice for me.



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