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Noob The Factionless Review

Noob The Factionless

Release: July 29, 2023
Publisher: Microids SA.
Developer: Sneakybox
Genre: Action, Adventure, Genres, Indie, Nintendo Switch Categories, Role-playing, Switch Reviews, Turn-Based, Video


Worth a Play About Rating
7.0 - Gameplay
7.0 - Video
7.0 - Audio

Noob the Factionless is an indie rpg that has a unique premise and a lot of cool rpg trappings. But is it a good game? Will experienced rpg fans like this game or is this for new players? Here is our review of Noob the Factionless for the Nintendo Switch!

Noob the Factionless is an indie rpg about a group of gamers who decide to play the newest massive multiplayer online (MMO) rpg that’s just been released. As the characters go into the MMO, so does the player of Noob the Factionless. The story is mostly inside of this MMO and the characters are very aware that they are playing a game.


Noob the Factionless is a very self-aware game that isn’t out to make fun of MMOs but instead takes itself very seriously for the most part. Perhaps the story would be better if the game did try to make fun of MMOs or at least had some humor. Instead, the game’s interesting premise comes off as a little bit bland, with uninteresting characters and a stereotypical rpg setting.

The gameplay, meanwhile, is everything you usually find in an rpg and more. Noob the Factionless has turn-based combat, a job system, skills, pets, fishing, and more. There’s a lot to do in this game. It should be a pretty good but as with its story, the Noob the Factionless comes off as bland and uninteresting. Its a bit paint by the numbers and long time rpg fans will likely be bored by the game.

It does, however, run really well on the Switch. We didn’t encounter any major issues with the game. There are some long load times occasionally but otherwise the game is really well made. Its possible that players who have never played turn-based rpgs before may enjoy Noob the Factionless. We are not at all saying that the game is bad; its not. However it is a bit bland and generic overall, including its graphics.


The graphics in Noob the Factionless are well made and look sort of like the 3DS classic Fantasy Life. However, unlike Fantasy Life, Noob has bland looking characters and enemies. The places you visit are alright. Noob the Factionless isn’t a bad game but unless you’re new to the rpg genre, you may find it a very bland game.

If you’ve never played a turn-based rpg before, then Noob the Factionless might be a good introduction to the genre. It has all the trappings of what we’ve come to expect from rpgs. The game does run well on the Switch and doesn’t have many glitches as far as we can tell. More experienced rpg players are likely to find the game a bit bland though. We only recommend this game for new or younger players.

A digital code was provided for this review. Noob The Factionless is available now for the Nintendo Switch.



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