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Cuphead + Delicious Last Course Review

Cuphead + Delicious Last Course

Cuphead Switch feat
Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Studio MDHR
Developer: Studio MDHR
Genre: Action, Adventure, Co-op, DLC, Genres, Indie, Platformer, XBox One Reviews, Xbox Series X Categories, Xbox Series X News
PEGI: 7+


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10 - Gameplay
10 - Video
10 - Audio

It’s likely you’ve heard of Cuphead. The game is very popular and has an animated series on Netflix too!

If you’ve never played the game, then you’ve come to the right place.

Check out our review of Cuphead + The Delicious Last Course DLC for the Xbox Series S!


I kept hearing about Cuphead and seeing previews of it. The game looked great, but I hesitated. I heard that the game was very difficult. I’m usually not into difficult games, no matter how pretty they look. So, I hesitated on buying Cuphead. But when our editor-in-chief Adam Roffel asked me to review the game for the Xbox Series S, I didn’t hesitate. I knew it was time to check out Cuphead.

Cuphead’s main story is introduced via a storybook style cutscene. Cuphead and Mugman, the two main characters, must go collect souls for the devil. The story is very strange, unique, and like any platformer, it doesn’t get in the way of the gameplay. There is also an extra story via the new DLC too! Ms. Chalice is introduced and she has her own strange and wonderful story too. What of the gameplay though? Is it as hard as advertised?

Yes, Cuphead is an extremely hard game. Even when doing the “simple” aka easy boss battles, this game is hard but its also very addictive. You’ll find yourself trying the stages repeatedly, knowing in your heart that you’ll beat them with one more try (or so). The gameplay can be frustrating but it’s a fun frustration and its an amazing challenge.

The game is focused, mostly, on boss battles. There are some run and gun stages but overall, the game pits you against one epic boss fight after another. You travel the game’s neat world map to get to each new area. There are a lot of stages and the review code I received included the new Cuphead DLC-The Delicious Last Course!


I didn’t have to wait too long to check out the DLC either. You get access to it early on. Delicious Last Course gives you a new area to explore, more epic boss fights, and of course Ms. Chalice is playable here and in the main game. If you like the main Cuphead game, you must get The Delicious Last Course.

Cuphead, overall, is a must-have no matter your skill level. It is a tough game, but the reward is a gameplay experience you will not forget.

Graphics and Sound

And Cuphead’s music and graphics sell the game even more!

The music in Cuphead is amazing. It has a very jazzy, manic style. The tunes are catchy and will stick in your head. I love listening to the music as I’m about to die. This is a game where I’d love to own the soundtrack so that I could listen to the music over and over. I could write a whole review on the music alone. Cuphead’s soundtrack stands out more than any game I’ve played in a while.


Of course, so do the game’s graphics! Wow. Cuphead looks like an animated movie. No wonder it was turned into a Netflix animated series. The graphics are stunning. The character designs are out of this world and the backgrounds are a real feast for the eyes.

Cuphead Review – Conclusion

Cuphead is one of the best games I’ve played in recent years.

If you haven’t played Cuphead, stop reading this review and go get it. I played it on the Xbox Series S and it is a wonderful addition to the system’s library. I love this game and I highly recommend it. Even if you just die a lot, you’ll love it because of the graphics and the amazing music. Cuphead is fantastic!

A digital code was provided for this review. Cuphead + The Delicious Last Course DLC are now both available on Xbox Series X/S.



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