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Endless Ocean Luminous Review

Endless Ocean Luminous

Release: May 2, 2024
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Arika
Genre: Adventure, Family, Genres, Nintendo Switch Categories, Other, Sim, Simulation, Switch Reviews, Video


Excellent About Rating
9.5 - Gameplay
9.5 - Video
9.5 - Audio

Sometimes, you just want a nice, relaxing game where nothing will kill you or give you a game over. You just want to relax and explore a beautiful, cozy world. Endless Ocean Luminous is an endless undersea world that promises beauty and charm. Does the game deliver a cozy fun experience? Here is our review of Endless Ocean Luminous!

In Endless Ocean Luminous, you play as an undersea diver who works for a company that wants to protect the ocean. You’ll find out how to do that and also explore the ocean, discovering new fish and finding hidden treasure. The story in Luminous is neat, with some surprises and it also serves as a tutorial for your solo and shared adventures in the Veiled Sea.

The story mode teaches you about the gameplay, getting you use to the game’s easy and relaxing controls, while also having cutscenes and more structure than the solo or online modes do. For those who need a more traditional gameplay experience, they’ll want to play Story mode. Its a neat mode but honestly the Solo mode is better. And those who want the story only won’t be able to avoid Solo mode completely because you’ll eventually have to scan more fish in solo/shared mode to unlock certain levels in Story mode.

Solo mode takes place in the Veiled Sea. This area will change every time you start a new dive. You can only have one save with one dive. We wish you could save more than one dive. The random nature of the Veiled Sea is pretty cool. You’ll discover all kinds of different ruins, treasure and fish with each dive. When we started to play around with the Veiled Sea a bit, we saw everything from sunken ships to a deep well to hidden caves and huge fish. There are some special challenges too. Solo mode is amazing. Though, if you feel like exploring the Veiled Sea with someone else, you can do that too.

We were able to check out the multiplayer mode in Endless Ocean thanks to Nintendo. This takes place in the Veiled Sea too and lets you play with up to 30 people. We only played thirteen in our time. The online mode ran really well. We had no disconnections and no obvious frame-rate or slow down issues. You can wander off and explore on your own and when you want, you can go to the map, select a person’s name and appear right next to them! Its neat exploring the Veiled Sea with others and it is easier to completely explore a map and find all the fish and to finish the special challenges/events that pop up.

The only downside is you can’t talk to anyone. There’s no voice chat or texting. You can perform emotes at people but it just doesn’t have the same appeal as being able to actually say hi and to comment on the fish or the cool things you can find. We really wish there was a chat system in this game. Aside from that though, the online is very cozy and neat. Animal Crossing fans will definitely enjoy this game, whether its in a solo mode or multiplayer. Endless Ocean is very cozy and while it does offer some special events/challenges, you don’t have to complete them. You can do whatever you want. Its a fun game and it looks good too.

Endless Ocean is a really good looking game. The ocean is beautiful, with a wide variety of fish to scan, travel with, and gawk at. The Veiled Sea has a random variety of cool undersea treasure and amazing ruins to find.

Meanwhile, the music in this game is very lowkey but the voice over from the A.I is well done and so are the game’s sound effects. Overall, Endless Ocean is a calm, cozy game.

Endless Ocean Luminous is a calm, cozy fun game where you explore the sea, find fish, search for treasure, and discover ruins. The story mode is neat, but the best part of the game is the solo and shared modes. The Veiled Sea is a wonderful place to explore. This is a great game and Animal Crossing/sim fans should check it out.

Thanks to Nintendo Canada for providing a digital code for this review. Endless Ocean Luminous will be available on May 2nd, 2024.



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