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Disney Lorcana – Rise of the Floodborn Officially Announced

With major stock woes plaguing the popularity of Disney Lorcana, Ravensburger is pushing forward with their plans to release Chapter 2 of the highly collectible trading card game title, Rise of the Floodborn. Brand new starter decks, deck boxes, sleeves, and mats, here is hoping the Chapter 2 launch of Disney Lorcana goes smoother than Chapter 1, and that Ravensburger plans to do something about Local Game Stores (LGS) selling at ridiculous prices.


“The response to the release of the Disney Lorcana TCG has been astounding. The game has only been available for about a month, and fans are already eager for more,” said Filip Francke, Global Head of Games at Ravensburger. “As we work diligently behind the scenes to meet current demand, we’re also planning incredible updates and new sets for years to come that we can’t wait to share. We’re excited to reveal a little more about what is coming this holiday to expand the game and story for this year.”

There are over 200 new cards in the second chapter, including additional cards from shorts and movies already featured, and brand new cards featuring some of Disney fan’s favourite characters, including Winnie the Pooh! A new keyword is also being added to the game – cards with “Resist” will be able to resist a certain amount of damage put on them when being challenged, which should create new variations in player decks moving forward.

The new set is set to hit LGS on November 17th, and big box retailers on December 1st. Even with those dates, when preorders will open and whether stores will actually have stock on launch day is still up in the air. Hopefully, lessons learned from the Chapter 1 release will translate to a smoother, and better experience, for Disney Lorcana fans!


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