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Turtle Beach Recon Camo Review

Turtle Beach Recon Camo

Release: January 1, 1970
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Great About Rating

Turtle Beach is no stranger to headset releases, especially those tied to video game launches. Although not directly licenced, it was no coincidence that the Turtle Beach Recon Camo headset launched alongside Call of Duty: WWII! We’ve had this headset for a few weeks now, and have really been enjoying most aspects of it. Let’s dive in, and you can see if it’s the right fit for your needs and budget!


Build Quality

The first thing you will notice when pulling your Recon Camo headset out of the box, is how durable and solid this product really is. From top to bottom, Turtle Beach obviously used quality parts that would withstand a fair amount of abuse over time. The sliders on the left and right that adjust to your head are easy to move, but durable and solid; so often, these sliders on other headsets are fairly wobbly and finicky, making the right fit difficult to find. With this headset, finding the comfortable fit for your head is a piece of cake.

Adding to this comfort is the material used on the headband and the earcups. I’ve said many times before that I prefer headsets with the dual band structure, one band provides the comfort on the head, while the other band provides a solid structure. Turtle Beach uses a single band approach, and in the past, their headsets haven’t always been the most comfortable. I was wowed in this department right away. My skepticism was at an all time high when I put these on my head, but over long gaming sessions – 4 to 5 hours – I barely notice they are there, the greatest comfort compliment you can give to any headset.


Many companies don’t put enough felxability into their product designs, so when you sit the headset on your head, you are either left with a piercing feeling because of them being too tight, or they shuffle around on your ahead because they are too loose. Turtle Beach straddles the fine line here; while there headset will feel like it’s compressing against your head, it is still plenty flexible, and never created any long lasting pain.

A single cable runs from the ear piece down to the 3.5 mm aux cord that you will plug into your controller. And in-line remote will provide you quick access to a volume up and volume down button, along with a mute toggle for your microphone. The microphone on the Recon Camo headset is detachable, and has a padded end to cut the sounds you are likely to make when pronouncing certain words.

Sound Quality

A headset is only as good as the sound it produces, and for the price, you cannot expect Turtle Beach to give you all the bells and whistles. For the most part, they don’t. Instead, you get a quality stereo headset that will allow you to play your games in peace, which is what the majority of gamers are looking for, at a good price. You won’t be able to easily pick out highs and lows when paying games, watching movies ,or listening to music, as the headset seems to focus on the mid ranged sounds.

And from time-to-time, those sounds might not be as clean and crisp as you would like. There are definitely headsets in this price range providing better audio quality, but they all tend to take a comfort hit in the meantime. These are the flip side of that. The comfort is what you would find in a 100+ headset, while the audio is passable throughout.


The microphone included with the headset is also passable. No one was wowed my voice clarity when playing Call of Duty or PUBG on the Xbox One, but know one complained either. To me, that means the headset and microphone are doing their job satisfactorily, and at the end of the day, isn’t that really what you want?


For a new gamer, or someone who plays casually, it is easy to recommend this headset from Turtle Beach. The comfort level is off the charts at $69.99, and I’m the kind of player who enjoys both audio and comfort; that being said, if the audio quality is passable by my standards – and it really is here for sure – then I look at the comfort of the headset to make my final decision. The Turtle Beach Recon Camo ticks all the correct boxes in that regard. For $69.99, you can do a lot worse!



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