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More Thoughts From Me: Ten Favorite Games of 2023

This has been a really amazing year for video games. I didn’t get to play everything but I played a lot of games. Here are my top ten favorite games of 2023!


2023 was such an amazing year for video games. A lot of cool games came out this year. I didn’t get to play them all. You may even notice that Super Mario RPG and Pikmin 4 are not on this list. I didn’t get to play them. I suspect if I had, they would definitely be in this top ten. Alas, there were too many games this year and something had to give. Also it should be noticed that there are no PS4 or PS5 games on this list. I have a PS4 but didn’t play it much this year. And I don’t have a PS5. sigh. Okay, here are my top ten favorite games of 2023:

10. Fae Farm: I love simulation games and the best new one to come out this year was Fae Farm. It has beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. Not only that, but it recently had free DLC that added some cool elements to the game. It feels like it even more cool updates will be on the way. This is a game every simulation genre fan should check out. My review is here.

9. Fire Emblem Engage: I thought Fire Emblem Three Houses was very good but personally I like Engage a lot better. The gameplay feels more like classic Fire Emblem. The story is also a bit better and the characters are all really cool. And we get to see many classic FE characters interact with the new ones. The strategy gameplay here is so addictive. Fire Emblem Engage is one of the best games of the year.

8. Metroid Prime Remastered: This was an absolute classic on the GameCube and Nintendo brought it back with enhanced graphics on the Switch. It looks perfect on the Switch and makes the wait for Metroid Prime 4 so much harder. What a great game. Read my review.

7. Alan Wake 2: Its been awhile since I’ve played a survival horror game this good. The genre has become much more action focused. And yes, Alan Wake 2 has plenty of action but it also feels like the first Silent Hill mixed with a bit of Resident Evil. The gameplay is so good. The story is excellent and the cutscenes are movie quality. Alan Wake 2 is a fantastic game. I did a review of the game here.


6. Sea of Stars: The best indie game of the year! Sea of Stars is homage to classic jrpgs like Chrono Trigger, though it also has its own unique story and fun gameplay. If you love old school jrpgs, you must play this game. Its wonderful. Check out my review.

5. Star Ocean Second Story R: HD-2D is great but Star Ocean Second Story R does its twist on those graphics and makes it even better. Not only is it a great looking and it runs so good on the Switch, the gameplay is fun and there is a ton to do in the game. I’m not usually a Star Ocean fan. I love this game. Here’s my review.

4. Dragon Quest Monsters-The Dark Prince: I just got this game for Christmas! Its already number four on this list. Dragon Quest Monsters is so addictive. One part Pokémon, two parts Dragon Quest, this game is so much better than Dragon Quest Treasures (which was on my list last year and I liked a lot). It would be higher on the list if it wasn’t for some really tough competition. If you love Dragon Quest, if you love Pokémon, check this one out!

3. Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Wonder revived 2D Mario, making it fun and creative again. The graphics are also really beautiful. This is one of the best Mario games in years. Love it.

2. Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Breath of the Wild is such a great game and in my opinion, Tears of the Kingdom is even better. The addition of caves, more complex dungeons, and creating things makes Hyrule feel even more alive and adds tons of gameplay. Check out my review of the game here. This absolutely would’ve been my favorite game of the year if it hadn’t been for…


1. Hogwarts Legacy: What an amazing game. Being able to explore not only Hogwarts but the surrounding country side is fantastic. And then there’s the fun combat, neat puzzles, collecting monsters, and more. Hogwarts Legacy blew me away. Its my game of the year!

Honorable mentions: Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time, Octopath Traveler 2, Mineko’s Night Market, Born of Bread, Starfield, Steamworld Build

Well, thats my top ten games of 2023? What were your favorite games?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Can’t wait to see what 2024 brings us!


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