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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Disney Vs. The Game Awards

Hey, you know that Wild Game Awards predictions article I did? Turns out it was pretty wild. Not a single thing right! Also…um…I only sort of watched The Game Awards! I saw some of it. Let me explain…


Last night The Game Awards aired. Also, Disney announced a ton of stuff. I mean they announced new Star Wars shows/movies, new Marvel shows/movies, new Pixar stuff, new Disney stuff. They showed trailers even! It was crazy. And they were live streaming it. I was watching that and only sort of caught some of The Game Awards…

I did see the epic moment when Sephiroth was revealed for Smash Bros Ultimate. I think that was the craziest reveal from what I saw. It shocked me. I would have never guessed that Sephiroth was joining Smash! Wow. I was freaking out about that. I’m still freaking out. I’m going to have get that character and play Smash Bros again!

After that, I only saw a few things here and there. I knew that Animal Crossing won best family game like I thought it would. It did not win Game of the Year. I didn’t think it actually would…(I’m still disappointed).

The Last of Us 2 took home the big award. Thats probably not a shock to most people. I still haven’t played that game and I’m not sure if I ever will. I thought the first game was fine. shrug.

But there wasn’t any totally shocking announcements after the Smash reveal. I think the new Ghost’n’Goblins game had been leaked. So we kind of knew about that. And the Capcom Arcade game, well, I have mixed feelings. I guess Capcom is creating their own Virtual Console.

Actually Capcom really brought it for Nintendo last night (Monster Hunter Rise was shown too). The big N only revealed the Smash Bros character and nothing else. Capcom stepped up and showed three games for the Switch! Pretty cool.

I did think that the Mass Effect reveal was neat. But did that remaster ever get confirmed? I forget. Hmm.
The Fornite reveals were kind of neat too. Master Chief and two Walking Dead characters. And this puts Master Chief on the Switch! So I guess I was kind right about that…lol.

I also really loved when the London Orchestra played the FF7 Remake music and the Animal Crossing music. So good.

Anyway, it wasn’t a great show from what I could tell. Though how could it live up to what Disney did? It was totally bad timing for The Game Awards.

So what did you think? Was there anything that cool showed u at the Game Awards that I’m not mentioning here? Did you like the show or were you too distracted by Disney like me?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. So many cool Star Wars and Marvel things are on the way!


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