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Wild Game Awards Predictions

Its that time again: The Game Awards will air tonight! Whether you watch it on YouTube or twitch or twitter, you should check out this show. You just never know what will be revealed during the Game Awards. And really, isn’t that what we care about? Not the Awards, no never that, but the announcements! The trailers! So what will we see tonight? Here are my wild, never will these happen predictions.


Real Talk: Its 2020. If we get one shocking surprise during The Game Awards tonight, we’ll be lucky.

Un-Real Talk: Its time to make predictions that have no chance of happening and there by getting you all way too hyped for this awards show!

Without further ado…


What will Microsoft announce during the Game Awards?

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised or shocked if we see new Halo Infinite footage. But since we have a looooong wait ahead of us, why not a demo for this game? Yes, a demo announcement. You can play the Halo Infinite demo…NOW!

Also: Microsoft finally does it…Game Pass is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Sony Playstation systems…NOW! With a free 30 day trial for both systems.

Microsoft also shows off an Xbox Series X exclusive new jrpg that blows all our minds. Its turn-based, with beautiful animated graphics, and an amazing open world. Suddenly, all of us want an Xbox Series X.

Oh and of course there will be the shocking announcement of the Xbox exclusive Bill and Ted game. I mean, why else do you think Keanu is there?


A new trailer for God of War for the PS5 is shown early in the show. We all think “well, thats probably it for Sony”

Wrong. So wrong.

Sony reveals three new games during the Game Awards.

The first is an open world game that we’ve never heard of. Its based on Norse Mythology. Vikings, monsters, gods, etc. It looks amazing.

The second is a new Sly Cooper game. Its about time that franchise returns. It looks like it’ll give Mario and Ratchet and Clank a run for their money.

And finally, Sony shows off an PS5 exclusive game that probably won’t be coming out in 2021 but it looks amazing. It features humans and cartoon characters living in a New York like setting. Very wild looking game. Its directed by Chris Nolan. Hey, he has to be here for some reason.


So Nintendo has announced (for real) that a new Smash Bros. fighter will be revealed tonight. And my predication for that new fighter is…MASTER CHIEF. Why? Because Game Pass is coming to the Nintendo Switch and you’ll be able to play Halo on the system. Yes we’ll get the Master Chief reveal first which will lead into the Game Pass reveal. “Gamepass for the Nintendo Switch is available…NOW.” And Master Chief is coming in February 2021.

(oh and Geoff says “I think I heard Gamepass is coming to the Playstation 4 and 5 tonight too”)

A little bit later, Reggie comes out to announce one of the awards. He’s about to announce when he remembers “Oh thats right. Nintendo wanted me to tell you all about the new Metroid game.” And a trailer is shown for Metroid Prime 4. He doesn’t work for them anymore, but Nintendo still loves Reggie.

And somewhere in the middle of the show, a very Wild trailer is shown. Yep, Breath of the Wild 2 is shown, its real title is revealed, and a release date: May 2021.

During the show we also get some other announcements of games coming to the Nintendo Switch: Prince of Persia, the newest Crash game, Fallout 3, and a couple of surprises.

And near the end of the show, Nintendo shows a logo for a new Earthbound game.


Square Enix shows reveals more footage of Final Fantasy 16 and says “Play the demo now” on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, and…Nintendo Switch! We all die from shock.

Bethesda reveals the first footage of Starfield. Ohmygod.

EA shows off a new Burnout game for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Lego shows off footage from a new Lego game: Lego Godzilla Vs. Kong!

And some other companies show off some cool things. There’s a new Resident Evil trailer, a Silent Hill game, the Metal Gear Solid Remake, and a Spongebob game is shown off for some reason.

Oh and by the way, Animal Crossing New Horizons wins Game of the Year.

Overall, everyone is too shocked to go into work tomorrow. Better call in now.

What do you think will be shown at The Game Awards tonight?

Note: 95% or more of what I just said won’t happen. All game opinions and game suggestions are mine and denies all knowledge of this article.


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