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Bravely Default 2 Final Demo Impressions

Last night, Nintendo surprised everyone by announcing that a new Bravely Default 2 demo was out on the Nintendo Switch eshop! This is the final demo for the game before its release on February 26, 2021. I’ve played the demo some and wanted to offer my impressions of it so far.


The Bravely Default 2 Final demo takes place during the first chapter of the game. I do not think its the very beginning of the game because the player is thrust right into the game with a full party and very little introduction.
The story in the demo is interesting but hopefully the actual introduction to the game gives us a bit more build up and lets in on who the main characters are and what they want.

Then there’s the gameplay! Just like the previous demo, I wish the game camera when you are walking around was closer to the characters. It seems way too far out. That said, this is a really beautiful game.

The environments look so good!

So do the characters and the enemies. Wow.

I think that the game is especially impressive during battles. The camera is close to all the incredibly detailed characters. The enemy design is amazing!


The battle system rocks too. If you ever played the orignal Bravely Default, then the battle system will seem familiar. I think the battles are a bit faster here and you can make it even faster with the press of a button! All of the abilities you have in the demo are nice too.

Oh and I want to mention how wonderful the game’s menu system is. Its so detailed and theres just tons of info to find in there. My favorite is the lore section which tells you about all the enemies, weapons, etc that you’ve encountered so far. Its handy and it looks great!

I think the only minor bad thing I can say is that I did notice the framerate stutter a couple of times during chats with NPCs. Its nothing major and it will most likely be fixed in the full game or through an update.

Overall, the game runs really well.

I’m pretty impressed with the Bravely Default 2 Final demo. I thought the previous demo was good but it does look like Square has improved the games graphics and everything else.

Bravely Default 2 should be an rpg to look forward to when it releases on February 26, 2021!

Have you played the Bravely Default 2 Final Demo? What do you think of it?


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