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Battlestations Ready! How to Create the Ultimate PC Gaming Setup

There’s something wonderful about customising your desk, PC and accessories to follow the same colour scheme and theme. Gaming in style is something that console gamers rarely do because it’s difficult to customise. You can get a nice big TV and place it on a cool looking TV cabinet or shelf, but that’s about the extent of customisation.

With a PC and a desk, you have hundreds of customisation options and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone that isn’t willing to personalise their $1500 gaming pc so that it’s functional and looks amazing. Here are some tips to get you started.


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For a PC gamer, a controller can’t compare to the natural feel of a keyboard and mouse. Anything with RGB lighting is popular nowadays because it can add to the colour scheme of your gaming setup. One of the most popular keyboards is the Corsair K95 RGB, a full-sized mechanical keyboard with 18 macro keys, full RGB lighting and sturdy construction that’ll last for thousands of hours of gaming. If you haven’t already experienced the joys of a mechanical keyboard for both typing and gaming, then it’s definitely recommended that you try one now!


There are many different mechanical switches to pick from, so it’s a good idea to ask a friend who has a mechanical keyboard or visit a computer store to try them out. They each have different feels and also require different weights to activate. For example, MX Red switches are very light and have a linear feel, while MX Blue switches require slightly more force and make a satisfying click noise when pressed.


A desk is arguably one of the most important components to a gaming setup next to your PC itself. This is because it has to be sturdy enough to house all your components (this is important if you want to display your PC instead of stuffing it under your desk) and it needs to have enough space so you can stretch your arms and get comfortable while gaming. Computer Desk Guru has plenty of reviews for all the different types of desks you can buy.


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Gaming headsets come with microphone attachments and often support virtual surround sound so that you can get immersed into the game you’re playing. They usually have noise cancelling technology as well so you won’t hear ambient noise from outside the window or around your house while you game. The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset range is a great place to start because it offers good performance and a wide range of accessories for an affordable price. You’ll also want a nice headphone stand to store them on your table.


To go with your keyboard, you’re going to need the perfect mouse. Many gaming mice come with additional buttons that can be used for things like voice communications, using your abilities in a MOBA like Dota 2 or even binding them to your skills in World of Warcraft. If you need to press a lot of buttons, then a device like the Razer Naga will give you the perfect amount of buttons for all your MMO and MOBA gaming needs.


The most important task for the gamer is, of course, processor choosing. In any case, on the computer you will use not only games, but also various programs for working with texts, graphics or video, which need a powerful processor too. For example, Freemake video conversion software does not take up much space on the computer, but still needs good performance for stable operation. So in addition to the periphery (keyboard, headphones, mouse), choose a processor that meets all modern requirements.

Of course all of above would be worth noting without a solid PC to plug and test your equipment. For all those who need some help with getting the best desktop machine for their budget, we advise to do Your research on couple of the many blogs around the web. Remember, knowledge is power!


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