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Pokémon Sun and Moon – Festival Plaza

One of the things I’ve heard from those looking to purchase Pokémon Sun or Moon is that the game appears too confusing. When you factor in the Pokefinder, petting and feeding your Pokémon, dropping your Pokémon off at various islands to do certain tasks, and of course the Festival Plaza, the game appears to confusing for the average consumer. Many people are mentioning concerns over how much there is to do in the Festival Plaza. I’m going to bust that myth today, and show that Pokémon Sun and Moon is just a lot of little things, done right.


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The Festival Plaza appears very overwhelming at first, and I can understand the concerns from some people, especially those not as familiar with Pokémon titles. While the Plaza appears overflowing with content to enjoy, there actually isn’t a whole lot to do here; I personally spend only a few minutes in the plaza each day, and get a lot out of it.

In my view, the plaza serves two major purposes. First, it is the place you will need to visit to engage in trading. Whether you are doing a Wonder Trade – and random trade of a Pokémon with someone else around the world – or a Link Trade – where you can trade with someone specific, whether a real life friend or someone you’ve invited to your plaza – you NEED to visit the plaza to perform these tasks. I’m generally not doing specific Pokémon for specific Pokémon when I visit the plaza; instead, I’m a Wonder Trade kind of guy. I love the idea of not knowing what I will get. Generally, it’s crap, but everyone once in a while I get a really great Pokémon to add to my collection.

A bunch of booths will be available in the plaza when you load it up for the first time. You can do a variety of different tasks, such as purchasing goods using Festival Points, or taking part in a lottery which you ultimately always win. It is the daily “get an item” tasks that you want to visit the plaza for each day. Early on, you are limited to a free item from the lottery tent, but as you level up your plaza, more great options will open up, including a haunted house.

The reason why the Festival Plaza is much less confusing than you assume is that you actually don’t do anything but walk around and talk to people. For example, when taking part in the Haunted House, all you do is talk to the merchant outside the tent, select a Pokémon to enter the house, and then scroll through text. Depending on how your Pokémon handled the tent – coming out scared, amused, or a variety of other moods – you will get at least one item for your 30 seconds of trouble. I’ve received PP ups, Carbons, a Hard Stone, and many other items. Spending the few minutes is totally worth it each day.

That’s about it. It may look confusing when put in text, or when you see snippets of it in videos; however, it really isn’t. It is, however, a great way to load up on random items that will be great to have during your adventure, and for a few minutes each day – almost like checking in on a free to play game on your phone – you can get some great rewards.

Check it out and let us know what you get in your Festival Plaza!



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