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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

Following the latest gaming news and developments could easily make you think that the only players in the game are Sony and Microsoft. The two consoles still take up the majority of the market share, with exclusive game releases hogging headlines every year as if the choice for gamers is a totally binary one. While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 continue their daily fight in the console wars, the humble PC trundles on, quietly proving that it is in many ways the superior option for gamers.


People can argue that traditional console gaming is simpler and less-hassle than dealing with a PC, but that doesn’t justify the many shortcomings that those consoles have when compared to PCs. Here are four reasons that PC gaming is simply better.

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PC gaming is cheaper (in the long run) 

One of the common areas where people tend to assume consoles hold supremacy is pricing, given that a new Xbox will often cost considerably less than a top-of-the-line gaming PC. However, console-matching game PCs these days are cheaper than ever before, although usually not as cheap as a console. One area where price does reign supreme for PCs is for games. PC games cost on average considerably less than console games, while platforms like Ubisoft and Steam hold regular sales where new games are up to 90% cheaper.

Your gaming options are wider 

Put simply, a PC gives you more to play with. As well as being able to play just about any Xbox or PlayStation game, you also have access to the entire canon of video gaming to date. You can play games from every console ever released that has been modified for PC usage. Then, there’s online gaming as well. You can play millions of games online via a browser or app that simply aren’t available for consoles, from VR games to online casino games. For example, a site like SkyCity Online Casino offers than 200 titles with options varying to themed slots to live roulette and blackjack games with real dealers.

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Upgrades are limitless 

In real terms, there’s only so far a console can ever go. You can’t really modify an Xbox or PlayStation without serious risk of damage, whilst PCs are built to be upgraded. Right now, there are hardware upgrades which give PCs vastly superior graphics, speed, and playability than what is available on any console, making PC gaming ideal for people who really care about getting the best experience possible for their money.


There are more exclusives 

While the aforementioned consoles tend to hog the limelight with their “exclusive” releases, the market for PC exclusives is far wider. Every year there are hundreds of award-winning games released solely for PC, often at much lower prices than console exclusives, with many even being completely free. This may be because a PC game does not need to cost as much to produce as a console game, so developers are much more content at selling titles at knock-down prices. It seems it’s PC gamers who are benefitting the most from exclusives.

The console versus PC battle is an ancient one which often proves divisive. While consoles certainly have their advantages, it is undoubtedly PCs which offer the best overall experience.


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