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Loot Gaming – October 2016

Loot Gaming – October 2016

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Excellent About Rating


The Loot Gaming box from Loot Crate has been the most consistent box to date – based on reader feedback – and is the one most people are looking forward to looking at each month when we post our reviews. I concur with most folks, although as a gaming website 1st – and a nerd/geek culture website 2nd – it is understandable that the majority of our readers enjoy what comes in the gaming specific box. The October 2016 box was no exception, with great items from Super Mario, Titanfall, Overwatch, and more!

Titanfall 2 is Here!

I’ve really been enjoying my time with Titanfall 2, and we should have our thoughts on that up shortly. To commemorate the launch of this highly anticipated title, Loot Gaming has teamed up with the developers to put an officially licenced Titanfall 2 tshirt in each box. The design is phenomenal, and the Titanfall 2 logo is nicely nestled at the bottom of the shirt, making this a great, wearable item. When logos are too big or put in awkward places, it sometimes hampers my ability to wear it to certain events. However, when everything is done tastefully, the shirt really works in a wide variety of environments.


Small but Super, Mario

I strongly feel that magnets are not included in subscription boxes enough. I would LOVE to get more magnets to put on my fridge at home, or the filing cabinets at work. They are a wonderful way to show off your likes and dislikes. Thanks to this months Loot Gaming, I can now proudly show off my love for Super Mario with this fantastic magnet!


Socks and Gloves – The Perfect Combination?

Naw! These have nothing to do with each other, except that they look fantastic and I photographed them together. Whether you are a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog or not, I’m sure EVERYONE is a fan of staying warm during the winter, and how better to do that then with a little bit of gaming on your hands. I don’t wear gloves often – usually just when shoveling the snow – but these are so damn cool that I probably might begin wearing gloves just because. These finger gloves will also give you quick and easy access to your smart phone whenever you need it on those blistery walks.

The socks included with this months box – Ganon socks from the Wind Waker – are phenomenal. I have received a lot of socks in the past – many from the Loot Wear lineup including Sonic the Hedgehog, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Mega Man – but these are by far the best I have ever received. I think I found what I’ll be wearing with my suite for my next work event!


Overwatch Isn’t Slowing Down

Remember when there was a debate of whether Overwatch or Battleborn would be the next big MOBA? Well Overwatch has easily won that fight, and based on what I am seeing online, that is not about to end anytime soon. The latest Loot Gaming came packed with a great Overwatch Reaper Funko Pop! that is sure to get even the most casual of Overwatch players excited. And I have to assume that any video game fans is – at the least – a casual Overwatch fan, right?



There are a few other items in this months box that are worth mentioning, including a pack of bandaides and this months pin. However, these are minor in comparison to the other great items that came this month. Overall, this has been the best Loot Gaming in a few months, and that is saying a lot because all of the previous crates have been pretty good. Want to get your own? Just head here and use coupon code GAMESREVIEWS on checkout to save a few bucks!



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