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Holiday 2019 – Toy Gift Guide

With the winter holidays fast approaching, we know our readers are looking to purchase those gifts for someone extra special in their lives. Whether a spouse, extended family member, or potentially a friend, we’ve rounded up our favourite toys of 2019, and are sharing them with you here! All of these products have been reviewed by us, and none of the links below are affiliated. We just want you to have the best toys at the best price! Let’s dive in!

Hidden Sides – Graveyard Mystery – LEGO


It was only a matter of time before LEGO managed to make phone application interact with their numerous building block toys, and the creepy ghost centric Hidden Sides sets are a great way to take that dive. The Graveyard Mystery set might be one of the most detailed, kid focused sets we’ve ever put together, with detail on all sides of the set. Add in the extra content available through the application, and you have one of 2019’s best LEGO sets! You can read our review of this set here.

You can purchase this set from LEGO!

GraviTrax – Ravensburger


There have been few toys in 2019 that gripped both me and my kids like Gravitrax. The ability to create fantastic marble contraptions has really pushed the creative limits of our minds, and to date, we’ve come up with some pretty outstanding tracks. With all the extra expansions available for purchase – lift, catapult, trampoline, hammer, and cannon – there is no reason to pass on this toy for your 2019 holiday shopping list.

If you have young ones at home with imaginative and engineering mind, do yourself a favour and pick up the starter set and a few expansions. It will definitely be money well spent! Our full review here!

You can purchase this set on Amazon!

Ninja X-Shot – Zuru


While NERF has dominated the foam dart blaster marketplace for many years, other companies are starting to step up their games, releasing products that feel just as good as NERF, and perform just as well, if not better. Sure, most ‘third party’ blasters aren’t worth the plastic they are made of, but that is not the case for X-Shot.

X-Shot blasters are incredibly versatile, well made, and shoot foam darts as good, if not better, than many of my other NERF blasters. With Ninja’s backing, I’m sure they will be a huge hit this holiday season. Don’t let the aura of NERF confuse you – X-Shot is a fantastic, and potentially better, alternative. You can read our X-Shot review here!

You can purchase X-Shot on Amazon!

Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker – LEGO


Not many LEGO sets appeal to both myself and my kids – me as the collector / displayer and them as the players. However, the LEGO Batmobile set which features new to June 2019 figures for Batman and the Joker is just that kind of set. The build is incredibly detailed, and when placed on the shelf, looks absolutely phenomenal. However, LEGO has added in one-to-many playable gimmicks – the fire on the car spins as you drive – that made my kids take it down from the shelf, and play for it for hours on end. When combined with other LEGO Batman sets, this makes a perfect play pieces for all ages! You can read our review of Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker here!

You can purchase this set from LEGO!

Smashers Series 3 – Zuru


Collectible toys are all the rage in 2019, thanks to all the work put in by the Shopkins and Grocery Gang brands. But while most companies are churning out blind bags that kids tear open and dump their toys from, Zuru is taking the entire play concept to a new level with smashable dinosaur eggs that hold the hidden characters. Add in other cool features like dino-dirt which hides fossils, slime, and even fizzy lava, and you have a toy that any kid into collecting figures is going to really enjoy. And hey, the dinosaurs are pretty cool too! You can read our review here.

You can purchase Smashers on Amazon!


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