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More Thoughts From Me #91: Is Animal Crossing Switch Out Yet?

Animal Crossing New Leaf has been out for the 3DS for awhile now. I want to say six years, but I could be wrong. Its been awhile anyway. And I keep playing New Leaf every day because I love the Animal Crossing franchise. I absolutely loved the update that we got for it last year too. That said, I’m totally ready for a new Animal Crossing. Its been WAY too long. The update and the spinoffs were cool, but shouldn’t a new Animal Crossing be out already?


As some of you might know, I’m a huge Animal Crossing fan. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing since the very first game, Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. I have played every game since: Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf and the spinoffs Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival. I’ve enjoyed each and every AC game to various degrees. My favorite so far is New Leaf. Its a fantastic game.

I have two towns for New Leaf. I play them each and every day. The update last year was pretty great too. I knew that getting that update probably meant we wouldn’t see another regular Animal Crossing for awhile. Yet, as much as I love New Leaf, I really am starting to want a brand new Animal Crossing already. Haven’t we waited enough?

I remember when some people were anxiously waiting for New Leaf and I told them to be patient. We didn’t want Nintendo rush out an Animal Corssing. But I think the current situation is a bit different. Nintendo didn’t do a regular Animal Crossing for the Wii U. The closest we got was Wild World for the Virtual Console. And now we have a new console, the Switch! Shouldn’t we be getting an Animal Crossing Switch too?

Yes, I know the Switch just came out this year. I think, though, that Nintendo would have starting working on an Animal Crossing for the Switch by now. We haven’t heard anything though. We do know they have an Animal Crossing app for mobile coming. You guys know I’m not looking forward to that. My hope was that Nintendo would announce a Switch Animal Crossing whenever they finally showed off that app but that doesn’t look to be the case. Nintendo is showing off that app later today and said that there would be no Switch news. sigh. Well, I guess we’ll just have to dream about the game for now.

So what do I want in an Animal Crossing for the Switch anyway? Well, first of all, I’m excited that the game will be a portable and  console Animal Crossing. That will be a first ever for the series. In that case, I hope that the game will have button and touch screen controls. I also hope that the new Crossing will bring in some things from Happy Home Designer too.

I’d love to see each and every villiager in the new Animal Crossing have their own yard and be able to put things outside. I’d like the new game to have two or three jobs available for players. I’d like to see Mayor and Happy Home Designer as jobs. It would be cool if you could work for the HHD in the new game and design animal’s houses. Of couse for all of these features to be possible, the town in the new Animal Crossing would have to be a lot bigger then we’ve seen before. I think the Switch could handle that! Look at Zelda, Mario Odyssey, and Fire Emblem Warriors to see how big Switch games are.

Oh and ya, I know that all of these features and more would take time to develop. I hope not too much time. We can dream that they are already working on the game! Hopefully we’ll get an announcement soon for Animal Crossing Switch. I’d love to see the game sometime next year.

Do you think we’ll see an Animal Crossing for the Switch? When do you think we’ll see it? And what do you want to see in it? Let us know in the comments!

Next week: Happy Halloween! I’ll talk about some of my favorite spooky and Halloween themed games. BOO!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Ok, now I gotta go check my New Leaf towns.


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