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More Thoughts From Me #56: Animal Crossing Mobile Should Be Canceled

I love Animal Crossing. I’ve been a fan of the series since the first game on the Gamecube. I like AC so much that I bought amiibo festival, Happy Home Designer, and I want to collect all of the amiibo figures. It is my favorite Nintendo franchise. And yet, there is one “game” that I am not looking forward to in the series. I’m talking about the Animal Crossing mobile game. As I made clear in another entry, I’m not a cellphone gamer. But beyond that, I feel like the AC mobile game will cheapen the franchise. I wish Nintendo would cancel Animal Crossing mobile.


Look at Super Mario Run, that Mii cellphone game, and now Fire Emblem Heroes. All three of those games are cheap things that Nintendo put on cellphones. Fire Emblem Heroes is especially a travesty. The graphics look horrible and the gameplay looks like a pale imitation of regular Fire Emblem games.

And next up, Nintendo wants to make Animal Crossing onto cellphones. What will Nintendo do with this game?? We don’t know yet. Nintendo hasn’t talked about the game’s content. Cellphone gamers will either get a cheap looking Animal Crossing town, a spinoff of Happy Home Designer, an amiibo festival experience, or a “sell stuff to Nook” game. No matter what Nintendo brings with AC mobile, it will be horrible.

Many might say to me “oh come on. we haven’t even seen it yet. You should wait till Nintendo shows it to judge it.” Nope. I just want Nintendo to cancel the “game”. Animal Crossing deserves better than a cheap cellphone game.

Last year, we got the Animal Crossing New Leaf amiibo update. This was a great new addition to the game. It will definitly expand New Leaf’s life longer. But this mobile game will take attention away from it. People who are AC fans and/or cellphone users, will play this mobile game no matter what it is. But AC gamers shouldn’t have to put up with this “game”. Animal Crossing Switch should be Nintendo’s next AC priority.

With the recent amiibo update, plus this new mobile “game”, its doubtful that Nintendo has even started working on the Switch version of Animal Crossing. Are they even thinking about an AC for Switch? We did not get a Wii U Animal Crossing because Nintendo was too busy with Happy Home Designer and amiibo festival! Will the amiibo update and the mobile game mean no Switch AC? Of course, Nintendo could be working on other Animal Crossing spinoffs too!

I wish Nintendo would get focused back on the main Animal Crossing franchise. I love the New Leaf update, but I still would love to see a new main series Animal Crossing game sooner rather than later. I like the spinoffs that Nintendo has done so far but would easily trade them both for a regular new Animal Crossing. When we will see another one? Thats anybody’s guess!

I know I’m in the minority here. There are people who look forward to this Animal Crossing cellphone game. I have no idea why. As I said in another More Thoughts, Nintendo going into cellphone games is a mistake. Nintendo is cheapening their franchises. They should have never listened to their investors…

So what do you think? Will Animal Crossing mobile be any good? Will you download it? Bonus question: Do you think we’ll see an Animal Crossing for the Switch?

Next week: Let’s take a look back at the Gameboy! The very first one in fact. What were the good things about the system? The bad things? And what games did I love on the system?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Now I’m going to go play Animal Crossing New Leaf.


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