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So You Want Cthulhu to Save Christmas?!

Look, I think saving Christmas is great. I mean, if Santa Claus is kidnapped by a bunch of bad guys, of course somebody should save him. But! Cthulhu?! Really?! C’mon. Here’s my first look at Cthulhu Saves Christmas for the Nintendo Switch!


Santa Claus has been kidnapped. His granddaughter Crystal wants to save him and she recruits…Cthulhu?! Seriously?! C’mon.

Comedy does ensue.

There’s a put upon narrator, Santa’s naïve granddaughter Crystal, and oh so many more wacky, weird, and wonderful characters.

And this game’s dialogue! Can we just stop and talk about its dialogue?!

This game is funny. I mean, you’re surprised? It has Cthulhu saving Christmas. Well, maybe. He seems to really want to just get his power back so he can destroy everything…

See! I told you having Cthulhu save Christmas was a bad idea!

Anyway, this game is funny and very meta, which means it realizes that its a game, an rpg, and talks about that a lot. It even makes reference to the player.  And Crystal is an rpg newbie for goodness sake!


Wow. I like this game a lot so far.

But, wait, you say, what about its gameplay? Its graphics?

Graphics wise, Cthulhu Saves Christmas looks like a retro SNES game. Its absolutely wonderful. Lots of detail. I do wish the characters were a little bit bigger, but otherwise, wow. Nice looking game

And the gameplay is your typical turn-based rpg fair. If you played Cosmic Star Heroine (which is referenced in this game), then you’ll know what you’re getting. I dig this type of game so much.

So this is the end of this article. This is not a review of Cthulhu Saves Christmas. I need to play the game more for that. So I will go back and see what everyone is up too. Will Cthulhu Save Christmas or will he end up destroying everything? Hmm.



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